Golden Bear bomber jacket (vintage? )

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Lui-g, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. Lui-g

    Lui-g New in Town

    First of all hello to everyone here!
    I am newby in jacket collection so I just want to ask for some advice if people have time.
    I know there is lot knowledgeable people here!
    For some reason I am interested in this particular Golden Bear bomber jacket.
    Does anyone knows what type of leather is used for them, quality of jacket/brand ? Perhaps maybe era of particular jacket. It is vintage, but of probably recent times.
    Got one snatched before could buy it on Ebay (probably culprit is lurking here somewhere)
    but keen to search more. It has removable fur collar. I uploaded pics. I think it's a beauty ! Maybe I go for low quality one but for me it is nice !
    Any advice or tips are welcome ! If someone even has one for sale do let me know. Sz44 would be good.
    Thank you in advance to all !
    Kind regards Screenshot_20211123-065356_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20211122-064354_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20211122-064439_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20211122-064422_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20211122-064451_Chrome.jpg

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