How long does it take for a Leather Jacket to show patina?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by user290389023, May 10, 2019.

  1. user290389023

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    Does that mean its bad quality leather?
  2. user290389023

    user290389023 New in Town

    FAKE ALARM it wasnt a scratch just some dust in the shape of a scratch. i could just wipe it off.
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  3. navetsea

    navetsea I'll Lock Up

    East Java
    Maybe asbestos dust
  4. Guppy

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    No. Some leather is made to show "age" faster than others.

    "Quality" is a vague term, though. It means many different things, and many of them are trade-offs. It depends on what you want and what you value.
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  5. rocketeer

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    That is probably what all those non biker actors buy. To someone who has been around old jackets for a while, fake so called patina can be spotted a mile off. All those Eastman's made to look old can also be spotted a mile off even if regularly roughly worn. Those old replica original makers jackets they sell (Hell Angels, Patton etc), well any replica really do not have that aroma of 50 years of riding or flying even if you doused them with a mixture of aviation fuel, used engine oil and spilt beer, they will probably always smell new.
    Most people baby a jacket that costs £800+, yes even I don't purposely get my Dainese Power Ranger gear roughed up. So should you want a jacket to look 30 years old my best advice is to wear it for 30 years
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  6. Peacoat

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    Of all of my black leather jackets, only my Schott has any real patina, and it has a bunch. It is my lightest weight jacket and gets used the most. Plus I ofter leave it draped over the seat back when in for lunch. It has a lot of sun damage patina, and now is more of a gray than a black.

    Your best bet for wear may be the creasing and graining of the leather, which others have noted, is not patina. I actually prefer a well creased and grained jacket to one that is faded out.

    This is the Schott. No artificial aging here.

    Schott Front.jpg

    And for comparison, here are the Johnson, Schott and Vanson.

    Schott, JL and Vanson.jpg
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