My New Old Jacket!

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by PEPPE COTRUFO, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. I bay this old jacket she look like you can see in the pictures.. The central zip "Aero" and the small zips marked "slip", of what period will be this jacket? you believe is in Horsehide or Steerhide? Some idea about possible brand? Thank you very much for your attention, I hope to receive an answer from somebody here, is certainly the place where I can find the most prepared persons who I can imagine! Thank you very much for your attention! .peppe. IMG_20190808_134904-01.jpeg IMG_20190809_093047-01.jpeg IMG_20190809_093115-01.jpeg IMG_20190808_144715-01.jpeg
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  2. ton312


    Certainly European. No clue about the hide or maker but it’s very cool. I like the belt set up quite a bit. I’m guessing it’s German. Maybe 50’s to 70’s? Liner reminds me of something older but I really don’t know. Either way it’s cool!
  3. CliffG

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    Kansas USA
    I like this jacket, it looks like someone wore it a lot, they must have liked it also.
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  4. Seb Lucas

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    I'm not an expert on this but I was thinking that and I would guess at mid to late 1960's. It's sometimes hard with makers to pin down years because sometimes they used old style labels and hardware for years after they were made simply because they had them in stock. I worked with a leather jacket maker here who was using 1960's labels and zips well into the 1980's.

    Hide is not possible to tell without DNA testing but if it is European what is more likely?

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