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Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by McPeppers, Sep 3, 2006.

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    Agreed on the romance scenes, Mr Bern, but then, I didn't go to see romance. I went to see spaceships blow up! lol
  3. MrBern

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    I totally hear you & understand your position. But for some of us, it was baffling that so many really top notch actors just kinda waded thru the movie. So it was really hard to even absorb some of the interestign concepts. I think its cool that Anakin is depicted as a young slave child who sees th Republic floundering & therefore yearns for an ironfist to get the empire working. The power coup that deceived the senators into reliquishing democracy to an Emperor.Its all pretty sophisticated, but it came out all annoying like jarjarbinks.

    On a postive note, DArthMaul was awesome & Yoda was so fabulous, it was weird that he was vanquished in his duel w/ th Emperor.

    I like the story true or not that SamJackson, particulary concerned that the films would be lame, pulled Lucas aside & told him his character would not be going out like a chump.
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    Yojimbo was based on Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest.

    And there are only seven basic plot types, if Christopher Booker is to be believed. Aristotle has a pesky theory about drama, that it is a unity of six elements only one of which is plot.
  5. MrBern

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    Well he was definitely the guy who directed HowardTheDuck!
  6. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

  7. Doh!

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    Tinsel Town
    Actually, it was directed by Williard Huyck, writer of Temple of Doom -- so there is a sort of Spielberg connection there.
  8. MrBern

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  9. griffer

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    Rehashing and remastering of Star Wars reminds me of re-mixes and re-releases of one hit wonders years later.

    It just underscores the fact that was their best, and they can't top it, so they milk it till its a dried up husk.

    Like Modern English re-releasing the 1982 "I Melt with You" in 1990.


    Very different than discovering up old cuts, or variations of theater test versions- like demo tapes, not re-mixes. I would love to own all 7 version of Blade Runner.

    But that's just me.
  10. MrBern

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    This thread just caught my eye. Back in September, McPeppers posted this picture:
    Last night I saw on the History channel that the Fedora and Trenchcoat Patrick Stewart (I don't know his name on the show) was wearing in this picture were auctioned off at Christie's in New York, along with a bunch of other Star Trek stuff. I don't remember how much they sold for, but the hat and coat went for thousands of dollars. Upon seeing the price, Patrick Stewart said he wished he had kept them, if for no other reason that he could actually wear them around.
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    Matt Damon...

    They are not cast yet, but they are in talks.

    Kirk = Matt Damon
    Spock = Adrien Brody
    McCoy = Gary Sinise

    Personally, I don't think they would disappoint. And I believe Shatner already gave Damon his blessing. I guess the story is going to include Captain Pike as well.

  13. MrBern

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  14. MrBern

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    from an MTV interview:
    Star Trek XI screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman promised more thrills in the upcoming film than any previous Star Trek movie and confirmed that the bulk of the film will be set on a starship, rather than at Starfleet Academy or elsewhere.

    "I don't know how you make Star Trek without a starship," Orci told MTV. "You have to trek through the stars, so you need a ship for that."

    Kurtzman said, "There will be more action in this movie than any Trek that's preceded'll be the biggest one." He said that the studio had planned budgets for the previous movies with an eye to the expected number of Star Trek fans, but "with this one we're going for the broad audience to bring people into Trek for the first bring in a whole new group of people who've never seen 'Trek' before" without alienating the long-time fans.

    The film is likely to be called simply Star Trek, without any numerals or subtitles attached, and it will be about the characters. As lifelong fans, said Orci, "It was all about, what have I always wanted to see in Trek?" To him, the franchise "has always been about the human interactions. It's all about the human soul."
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    So, why does he hate aliens so much?

    That guy's a xenophobe, quick, send him to counseling.
  16. MrBern

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    Never trust a robot....
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    The ET revisions with walkie-talkies was one and the same Southpark episode, and it is a classic! I'm happy to inform you that you did not miss it.

    They are by far some of the better parody/satire going.
  18. MrBern

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    shia's character


    But the actor, 20, insists he can't comment on speculation he'll play Indiana Jones' son in the new movie.

    He adds, "I can tell you that I'm sort of the sidekick character."
  19. MrBern

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    shatner sad

    NYPost article

    Nimoy offered cameo in next Trek movie, Shatner furious& upset!
  20. Edward

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    Actually, I think that's not a bad idea.... he'd look good in the role. I'm in two minds about them doing a remake as opposed to a new thing within the ST universe, but if they do it well with respect for the source material, no reason why it can't be great. I hope that they keep something of the retro vibe to it rather than trying to "update" it - I honestly think the quirky retroness of the original Trek is paradoxically what has also made it timeless. Much as I loved the Next Gen series, the first couple of seasons of it (while still plenty watchable) are very dated in their extremely 80s look. Maybe it's just me - bearing in mind that as a child of the mid 70s (born late 74) I remember the 80s very clearly at first hand, but 80s stuff always seems to me very dated in a way that the 70s and earlier don't...

    One person I'd love to see as Kirk, but for obvious reasons wouldn't be cast, is Jonathan Frakes, who played Will Riker (Ryker? It's been a while...) in the Next Gen series. If you look at him in the first season / later movies when he'd shaved off the beard, he could pass for Shatner's son.

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