Pick up a jacket in Portland or. Help needed

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Mysteryo, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Mysteryo

    Mysteryo One Too Many

    Nantes (FR)
    Hi fellow loungers, I just won an eBay auction for a jacket, but the seller seems to be in Portland OR. And doesn’t seem to send it to France.
    Is there any of you trusted members who can possibly pick it up for me or, receive the jacket at the mail and send it back to me?
    For the moment, I’m still on discutions with the guy whoever he’s ok to sell me the jacket even though I’m not in the us…
    Thanks for your help !
  2. Yamahana

    Yamahana One of the Regulars

    Buckeye, Arizona
    I'm in Arizona but if there's not someone in Oregon or someone else closer who can help you out I'll be glad to do so if he will ship to me in AZ.
    As far as trusted, I guess you could ask one of my grandkids I'm pretty sure they'll vouch for me. They think I'm the best Papa in the world.:cool:
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  3. Mysteryo

    Mysteryo One Too Many

    Nantes (FR)
    Thank you very much Yamahana, I'll keep you posted-still waiting for the seller's reply
  4. Monitor


    What jacket is it? You gotta tell us now! :D
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  5. alish

    alish New in Town

    I live in Oregon, and will actually be driving through the Portland area on Saturday morning. I'll then be passing back through the Portland area the middle of next week (probably Wednesday afternoon). I have Paypal and my wife has Venmo, so if one of those works for sending me funds to pay for shipping, I could possibly pick up the jacket.

    Have you looked into how much it'll cost for international shipping (just so that doesn't end up being a surprise)? It seems like it's usually more expensive from the US to Europe than Europe to the US for some reason. Monitor recently posted it would be $70 US for postage for a leather vest to be shipped from the US to him (not sure just where he is though); whereas I just paid $43 US for a 4.5lb jacket from England to Bend, Oregon, USA shipped 2-day express via UPS.

    Anyway, let me know what you find out. And if you want me to pick it up, hopefully the seller will be willing meet me near the Portland airport on my way to or from Seattle.

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  6. ASpilot

    ASpilot New in Town

    Surprised the seller doesnt take advantage of the ebay global shipping program. Not sure how it works on the buyers end, but as a seller, it allows you to ship to a US address and it gets forwarded to the buyer.
  7. Marc mndt

    Marc mndt My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Another vouch for you from the Netherlands :) @Yamahana found, bought and shipped the beautiful vintage buttons for my next Field Leathers project.
    From a buyers perspective, you're pretty much getting scammed. Lots of hidden (bs) costs plus shipping takes ages. Link to Reviews
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