"The Rake" a new "classic style" mag

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Cody Pendant, May 12, 2009.

  1. Cody Pendant

    Cody Pendant One of the Regulars

    Wild West Texas
  2. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Renton (Seattle), WA
    $130 a year for 6 issues? I don't think we'll see this skyrocketing to the top of the best selling magazine lists anytime soon. I think their disappearing after an issue or two is probably more realistic.
  3. Mr. Rover

    Mr. Rover One Too Many

    The Center of the Universe
    I wrote an article about hats in the premier issue of this magazine. They found me after my little GQ stint about a year ago on the Sartorialist.

    I highly recommend it, although it will create great lust for all of the things you wish you could afford in it.....
  4. Geesie

    Geesie Practically Family

    San Diego
    Maybe the library will carry it...
    (but I doubt it)
  5. This little magazine might succeed where "Classic Style" did not.

    I remember when MK polled us for data to offer potential advertisers. One result of that poll gave him pause: our stated incomes. In order to attract advertisers, one has to show them that the readership has enough disposable income and enough desire to buy their products. It seems the majority of folks in the "Fedora Lounge" have middle incomes (or less), and are bargain hunters. Not the most attractive market for a 'lifestyle & fashion' magazine's advertisers!

    On the other hand, "The Rake" is aiming for a wealthier, more free-spending readership -- and they're finally going for the European and American markets. In this economy, they will probably fail ... but with lower operational costs (it's published in Singapore!) and subscription-based (rather than newsstand-based) distribution, it just might work. Let's hope so: the articles, layout and photography are impressive!

  6. Sefton

    Sefton Call Me a Cab

    Their cover photo / blurb about the style of Michael Caine in the film "Get Carter" is certainly enticing. Too bad they don't have any of it on the web site though.
  7. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    If it's published with paper I fear its demise is near. Paper starters aren't really the route I'd suggest nowadays. There are a slew of blogs an online mags a the moment that take up any slack or fill any hole in the realm of menswear. Yet it might be good for the photos.

    I talk to the Tailor that is pictured on the About page now and again.... He's a nice guy and has a few awards for his work. A Savile Row man.
  8. Feraud

    Feraud Bartender

    Hardlucksville, NY
    Agreed. Great cover!
  9. halcyon

    halcyon New in Town

    The Rake

    We recently supplied this Magazine with some sample goggles, gauntlets and leather helmets for photography. They sent us a complimentary copy and I must say it is such a high quality magazine its no wonder it has such a high price tag, to my knowledge its distributed in Singapore.

    Here is a picture from the magazine:

    If you guys would like any of our products I've put a promo code on the site for a limited time that will give you 10% off - fed01


    ps. hope I don't get told off for plugging the site :p
  10. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    I have the same goggles (the brass ones on the right)... But i need some Gauntlets.

    I don't know... when I started really getting into dressing the way I do I tracked down the higher end companies and started getting catalogs from all of them... just to see what was still around. I've seen Holland and Holland and the changes in their goods, the removal of several items from Lock hatters lineup, the demise of several catalogs and the increase of goods at some shops like Old England... I hope The Rake takes off... it covers the items I enjoy looking at and sometimes affording (like the goggles).

    Someone needs to fill that spot of romance that GQ and Esquire just don't seem to cover.

    I think I'll subscribe.
  11. Chad Sanborn

    Chad Sanborn A-List Customer

    Atlanta, Ga
    I really like the womans attire in the photo. Can you give us a rundown on what it entails and who she is?
  12. halcyon

    halcyon New in Town

    Hi Chad,

    Coat: Camel hair belted coat- MaxMara
    Boiler: Men's camel cotton vintage boiler suit - Carlo Manzi
    Belt: Also Carlo Manzi
    Gloves: Leather and knit backed - property of Fiskens
    Helmet: Halcyon (she is wearing it backwards lol )
    Goggles: Halcyon - Antique Mark 49's Tan leather

    There is another shot of her, a much better one, I will scan it for you and post it here later
  13. Is this available in any U.S. outlets? I'd like to preview a copy before I pay $130.00 for a subscription - it looks fascinating, but then I still miss "Classic Style"
  14. tbrunke

    tbrunke Familiar Face

    Denver, CO
    I would subscribe if it wasn't for the horrendous price of $130 for only six issues! For that price it should be bi-weekly.

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