The STETSON WAY, Advertising and ephemera of the Golden Era

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    Central California

    I’ll mortgage the house if you get the time machine worked out!

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  2. 1957, This store window display of Troisi Tailors and Haberdashers won first prize of $100 from the Stetson Company, in their store window contest second division (cities with a population less than 100,000). IMG_20191122_155840.jpg
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  3. 1949, Bing Crosby and the Whippet!!!! IMG_20191122_161839.jpg
  4. December 1945...the Stetson Diplomat.... IMG_20191209_161134.jpg
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  5. Frunobulax


    Funkytown, USA
    Well, I guess I have to find one now.
  6. Postcard advert, Postmarked August 1931.....I like the artwork a Lot!!! IMG_20191231_110349.jpg
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    Excellent postcard ad, Mark. Super 1930s style. I like it a lot, too.

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