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The STETSON WAY, Advertising and ephemera of the Golden Era

Discussion in 'Hats' started by M Hatman, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. splintercellsz

    splintercellsz I'll Lock Up

    Somewhere in Time
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  2. Are those printed with the highlighting like that? I have never seen anything like that before. Nice collection of ads though.....
    Where did you score those?
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  3. Redfokker


    Albany Oregon
    They appear to be search results. Sometimes the highlights show up when you print them off the internet.
  4. Oh.................
    I really wanted to keep this thread internet free and just show off and share our actual collections......
    I have a TON of internet stuff......it is great for research, IF, it is well documented.....
    I really like to share my actual identified collection of real vintage items and ads and hope others will share their's too....
    PS it is fun to see the ads but they should probably be put in another thread.
  5. splintercellsz

    splintercellsz I'll Lock Up

    Somewhere in Time
    they are from the American hatter, good luck getting the 1898 hard copy. ill see myself out
  6. Justin,
    I did not mean to be at all offensive and LOVE seeing these old ads!!! I also understand how hard it is to actually find old issues of the "American Hatter" like that, as hard as finding all those awesome 20's and 30's (and earlier) hats you keep finding!!!;) And we DO have persons here who DO actually own a good many original 19th century paper.
    However there are other threads with LOTS of internet findings, and I really wanted people to share THEIR actual collections here. A LOT of us spend a lot of time and money on these ads and ephemera just as we do our hats and it does take away a bit when people post (from unidentified sources) pictures any one of us can get off the web. Many could post on your threads pictures of hats they do not own but perhaps wish they did. That would take away from your victory of actually owning such hats, exploring, discussing and researching YOUR finds.
    As you well know I do like to share my finds with many if possible ( I have sent a good many, an actual 1920's Stetson advertising card).
    Many here also have original items (that I wish they would share like you do) but, I think they are reticent to share because of the "internet frenzy" that will share their finds often without credit.............until my posting some of my finds were not even available on the internet..THAT is where we add to our knowledge and fun. Actually having them in hand allows questions to be asked and more information to be shared. Just like with your hats...."how is that felt", "what other tags are under the sweat" , "does the sweat have stamps", and for the paper "what ads are behind the ad", "what periodical did it come from", "what actual size is it""what year is it for sure", "what is the printing and paper like". These questions cannot be answered if you do not own the item. How many pictures of hats drew questions with the poster having to say they did not know as they posted a picture from Ebay and did not actually own the hat? People were disappointed they could not find out more.....(or got excited and wanted the link so they may buy it:p).
    PLEASE share your cool ads.....google has some GREAT stuff out there!!!!! You bring a lot to the table.....please do not stop...... I would just prefer it was on another Stetson Ad thread (unless you own a copy). As a fellow collector with some awesome stuff, I sure would hope you understand..............
    I just started my threads with the intent to share with my fellow collectors stuff I actually owned with the wish they would share what they owned also. I thought the headers were fairly explicit.
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  7. [QUOTE="I just got 70...YES...SEVENTY of these:eek::eek:....SO....Fellow Loungers who like Stetson history.....Send me a PM with your address and I will sent you one in an envelope!!!!!!:):):):):):):):) This offer good until I exhaust 55 or so.........
    AND I do not want to see them listed on EBAY!!!!!!o_O;)

    These are from the 1920's and I do have some left. Just PM me with your mailing address and ! will zip one out......FREE
    Stetson Factory.jpg
  8. I do not want to say too much......but......1943........shhhhhhhhhhh!
    Ps...the back has the "secret" of making and keeping friends....;)
    20180423_153400.jpg 20180423_153412.jpg
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  9. HatLoverGirl

    HatLoverGirl New in Town

    Clearwater FL
    this is a gem!
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  10. 1920's paperweight.....
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  11. 1944...........
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  12. 1950...................the ""Ambassador".....$20:eek:
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  13. 1943.......Shhhhhhhhhhhhh
    M 15253840113321370568031.jpg
  14. 1958.....STETSON....HATS, SHIRTS AND TIES!!!
  15. 1948.....the Stetson Whippet!
    M 15253841907711254508479.jpg
  16. 1960......a Stetson straw....
    M 1525384290283345763395.jpg
  17. 1949....Dana Andrews in a Stetson Flagship......in Cadet Blue.....
    M 15253844165091237692241.jpg
  18. 1922.....I really like these charcoal illustrations.......
    M 1525384497673274008004.jpg
  19. 1949 finds John Payne in the Stetson Whippet.....
    M 1525384589173716803929.jpg
  20. All from the early 50's (50,51,52) .....Whippet's, Stetsonian's, Ambassador's......Oh, My!!!
    M 15253847841981906644841.jpg 1525384814593334082201.jpg 152538486227383819485.jpg 1525384896161318534365.jpg 15253849350271751378033.jpg
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