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Thedi handwashed cowhide


Practically Family
A while ago, on the TFL Thurston thread, I saw pictures of a custom Thedi that blew my mind. It was modeled after one of their available models which is originally leather and canvas, but this one was full leather. Like the other Thedi models, it has no name, but a number (something like MTC-C1279406). For lack of a better denomination, I’ll call it handwashed cowhide. It looks like a hybrid, featuring the best of a few models: flight jacket without the knittings, cossack without the shawl collar. The flattened collar reminds of the trucker style.
I already own a grey buffalo jacket from them (Snake Plissken style, with buttons), which is still one of my favorite jackets, but I figured I could vary and add a different style.
Ordering was easy. I mentioned the number and specified I wanted it full leather. No need for measurements, Theodoros had archived mine from the previous order.

I was vaguely hoping it would be ready for last christmas but it took a while longer. I suppose the company must be very busy meeting the increasing demand, creating new models, and preparing for shows.

Anyway, it finally arrived. First impression is the smell. Must be something about the wax. The previous one had a distinctive honey note that immediately evoked beeswax, but this one is a little more complex and equally nice. Then, there’s the touch. Leather must be between light and midweigh cowhide, pebbled, supple and very consistent. They gave it what they call a « handwash » treatment, that makes it look like it’s been worn, a little like teacore effect . It reminds me of a used Levi’s trucker that showed a yellow/orange base under the brown top coat.

When putting it on the first time, it feels tight and almost small. In fact, everything is exactly as it should. Thedi fits quite snug, and I remember my other Thedi felt the same at first, but experience shows that it loosens up and fits right.
In no time, I get the feeling this jacket has been mine for years. After all, it’s made to measure.
Although it works with a sweater, the snug fit and light feeling make this jacket particularly suitable for mid season and summer.
The details make the difference. Everything is impressive, from the precise stitching to the fine olive satin lining. I just hope it will be resistant enough to withstand the years I intend to wear this one.
Now for some pics:

Thedi flight-1-9.jpg
Thedi flight-1-8.jpg
Thedi flight-1-14.jpg
Thedi flight-1-7.jpg
Thedi flight-1-15.jpg
Thedi flight-1-19.jpg
Thedi flight-1-20.jpg
Thedi flight-1-22.jpg
Thedi flight-1-2.jpg
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El Marro

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Wow, that jacket is exactly as you described it. It takes the best elements of several different styles and puts them together to make something even better! Fit is spot on as well, congratulations man!


I'll Lock Up
That looks great, i really like the thick thread he uses and the way the back seams use a construction similar to a B-3 with added layer cover above the seams. It all looks very cool, probably my favourite Thedi to date.
Only thing i would change is tan stitching instead of OD green.


Practically Family
Thank you for the kind words, everyone.
The jacket meets my expectations, but it's good to get approval.

Perfect! And love that brown, not too dark, not too tan - I wish Thedi had horse or buffalo in a similar tone.

Edit: @Mandarin did you order this via Thurston or direct from Thedi?
I live in France, so it was easier to order direct from Thedi.


One Too Many
Amazing, and does indeed look strikingly wearable. Personally I find some of the military styles hard to approach, but this takes the best and adds so much character.

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