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Trophy Clothing - Japanese Brand Spotlight


One Too Many
Hi all,

I recently fell victim to myself and bought some jackets after posting them in finds and deals. All 3 are Trophy Clothing so I figured it would be fun to do a comparison.

Trophy Clothing was founded in 2005 by Masaki Egawa. They are not a jacket-specific brand but rather an Americana/biker/workwear brand that also happens to make excellent jackets. Like many Americana brands there is a focus on quality, interesting materials and production techniques, and Japanese manufacturing.

They are a pretty small brand and there are limited English stockists, so they're the pieces have a more unique and rare feeling than some of the super popular makers. Kind of like discovering a great band before they hit it big.


I haven't seen specifics on who makes their jackets, other than that they're made in Japan. They probably do designs, collab, and manufacturing with different factories and producers depending on the availability and season. If anyone knows more feel free to share.

Jacket 1 - Hummingbird

Hummingbird is one of the main designs they iterate on season to season. You will find them with different leathers and so on.

This one caught my eye because of the awesome grain - I am guessing it's a partially shrunk horsehide. It's teacore and ultra thick, comparable to or thicker than Lost Worlds for example. It has Universal zippers, thick cast bronze buckles, and cotton lining. The buckles are a highlight for me as I hate flimsy stamped buckles or overly ornate pieces. These are stylish, understated and basically immortal. It also has storm cuffs.

Trophy Hummingbird Front.jpg

Trophy Hummingbird Back.jpg

Jacket 2 - A-1 / Cossack

This is a really beautiful, 'camel' horsehide. I was expecting more of a yellowish based on the listing photos, but it has more of a sun tanned natural feeling. It is not as heavy as the hummingbird but still feels substantial. It has a wool lining with cotton sleeves. Very comfortable and plush leather. This would probably have the most dramatic and interesting aging. This jacket has the most Y-2 feeling to me in terms of the leather and construction.

Trophy Clothing A-1 Front.jpg

Trophy Clothing A-1 Back.jpg

Jacket 3 - Rancher

This rancher is basically a Type 2 with dropped pockets. It's listed as suede cowhide but I believe its specifically a steerhide roughout. Although it's thick, without the lining it feels extremely cool and light, almost like a shirt. I'm hoping it will be a passable summer jacket into the 70s. The finished side is surprisingly smooth and comfortable on the skin. This may be due to the leather weight as well. The roughout is quite nappy with a lot of texture and character, and the gold buttons go well. Very easy to flip the sleeves back and get to work compared to a lined trucker.

Trophy Clothing Rancher Front.jpg
Trophy Clothing Rancher Back.jpg

Canuck Panda

I'll Lock Up
Nice pick up. Congrats. I’ve been looking for one of these Cossacks myself too. The deerskin is a pleasure to wear.


One of the Regulars
Los Angeles
Deerskin seems to be the type of leather that doesn’t have that ‘leather jacket’ feeling. That is, the wearer is wearing the jacket, not the jacket is wearing (imposing its pattern onto) the wearer.


I'll Lock Up
I missed this post. Very nice. All the jackets are appealing. The camel Cossack just looks very wearable. I seen the name on ebay. Nice information on the brand. Thanks

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