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  1. Kid_Pistola

    Kid_Pistola New in Town

    BRAND NEW - US Navy N-1 deck jacket
    (Birthday Gift: too small)

    Asking: $220 CAD
    Located in: Toronto, Canada
    (Might be willing to ship to US + Europe depending on shipping fees)

    Materials: 12.5oz Jungle Cross 100% Cotton
    Lining: 75% Wool, 25% Polyester
    Talon Front Zipper
    Colour: Khaki - Dark Brown Lining

    *** PLEASE NOTE: Bronson jackets fit slightly smaller than your regular size.

    IMG_7549.jpg IMG_7541.jpg IMG_7540.jpg IMG_7542.jpg IMG_7543.jpg IMG_7544.jpg IMG_7545.jpg IMG_7546.jpg IMG_7547.jpg IMG_7548.jpg
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  2. Peacoat

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    South of Nashville
    It would be helpful to prospective buyers if you gave measurements for your jacket, with the p2p being the most important.

    To properly measure the 2p2, place the coat face up on a flat surface, such as a bed. Stretch it tightly from side to side and pull the same amount of material evenly from the front and the back. Do not be concerned about any seams--disregard the seams. We want the amount of material stretched in the back to be the same as the amount stretched in the front. Then let the fabric relax and take the measurement. It should be a whole number and a fraction--such as 19.25 inches. Do not round off; we want the entire number. Try to be accurate to 1/4 of an inch. This pit to pit measurement tells us how the coat will fit in the chest.

    To measure the back, start at the seam at the collar and measure straight down to the bottom of the jacket.

    The sleeve measurement is a bit tricker. There are two ways to do this. The first is to measure from the shoulder seam, around the curve of the elbow (if there is a curve), and down to the cuff. The second is measure from the shoulder seam straight down the sleeve to the cuff. Either way is acceptable as long as you specify which method is used.

    The shoulder measurement is taken at the back from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.



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  3. Kid_Pistola

    Kid_Pistola New in Town

    Thank you, I will post.
  4. Kid_Pistola

    Kid_Pistola New in Town

    I have returned the jacket in exchange for a new one of the proper size. Thx

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