What temperature is your cut-off for wearing a leather jacket?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Novos, May 25, 2015.

  1. pawineguy

    pawineguy One Too Many

    Bucks County, PA
    Around 70 in the Spring or Fall, in the Summer the humidity is too high to wear much of anything once it's over 70. On the bike I will wear leather up to 75 or so, then switch to a Klim mesh jacket, which I'll ride in up to 90 or so.
  2. IXL

    IXL One Too Many

    ^^^^ Vanson produces a fully perforated SportRider that is pretty groovy in the really hot stuff. I sure like mine.
  3. ykurtz

    ykurtz One of the Regulars

    Idaho Falls, ID
    My tolerance for heat must be pretty high. I can wear leather up to about 80 degrees comfortably. If I'm on my bike, I've gone up to 85. Sweet spot is between 50-75 for me. Anything lower I prefer to wear wool with or without layers.
  4. winterland1

    winterland1 Practically Family

    72 is about my max.
    I will take it when it is warm but know it will be cooling off into evening.

    Wore my AL Roadster today watching sons soccer tournament. Stayed in the mid 60s with a little breeze. Had to get some leather into the sea of fleece.

    If I was out at some type of music festival would have been hoodies and leather. Always a good place to see lots of leather jackets. Concerts and leather jackets seem to go together.
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  5. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    The great thing about leather is that it's breathable - one reason I can wear leather shoes in temperatures in which 'pleather' would be unbearable. I wonder, though, whether some tanning methods render leather less breathable or otherwise 'warmer' than others. That could explain a lot. Of course, lining is equally as important: my Bootlegger has tartan wool in the body and moleskin in the sleeves. It feels significantly warmer (especially on the arms) than my other FQHH jackets.

    A crazy part of me is tempted to go looking to buy a few sheets of perforated leather and have a halfbelt run up in it.... Marvellously practical stuff, but I've never seen it made up in a design that fit my aesthetic.
  6. Guess perforated leather would be cooler...but not so rain resistant...
  7. navetsea

    navetsea I'll Lock Up

    East Java
    I see racing suits are made with perf leather, apparently pricked surface don't really have significant impact toward their tensile strength.
    however I imagine it would be difficult to keep it clean, all the dust and oil from exhaust smoke would be trapped between the outer shell and the liner, probably venting is a better solution, at least in CR style their chest pocket can be used as vents when left unzipped.

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