What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Amy Jeanne, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Marx Brothers

    I watched the Marx Brothers movie "Love Happy" a detective story revolving around subterfuges with the missing Romanov Diamond Necklace and the production of a struggling musical with Broadway dreams.. Oh and a short appearance by Marylin Monroe.:eusa_clap
  2. deadpandiva

    deadpandiva Call Me a Cab

    Flight For Freedom, Take A Letter Darling and The Feminine Touch. I was end the mood for Rosalind Russell. Flight For Freedom was my favorite of the three. I did love hearing Kay Francis drop her R's in The Feminine Touch. She has such a beautiful speaking voice so the speech impediment is quite jarring.
    I also liked Roz's hair in that one. It was alot softer than most of her 40's movie styles.
  3. SayCici

    SayCici Practically Family

    The Bitter Tea of General Yen. I guess I disagree with most critics, I didn't really love this film.
  4. Trickeration

    Trickeration Practically Family

    The Lemon Drop Kid with Bob Hope. Totally different from the "Damon Runyan Theatre" radio production. I haven't read the story, but I'd guess the radio version is more accurate to the written version and the film is more of a Hope vehicle.
  5. chanteuseCarey

    chanteuseCarey Call Me a Cab

    Northern California
    Have only seen the movie- its one of my Holiday season favorites!!

  6. chanteuseCarey

    chanteuseCarey Call Me a Cab

    Northern California
    We all just finished watching "Miracle on 34th Street" and the DVD's special features too.
  7. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Probably like We Will Rock You, but worse.

    I remember sitting through that a second time in the cinema because there was this girl..... lol It had a lot going for it: Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook, Bob Hoskins as Smee, and the fantastical realisation of the Neverneverland stick in the mind. The basic premise - the boy who never grew up having grown up - was also great. Alas, I felt it let itself down very badly by descending into Spielberg's trademark schmaltz, which I found rather tedious, and the whoel schtick about the joys of parenthood, which didn't draw me in (though I allow this would no doubt be less of a difficulty for those who have or want to have kids).

    Last night, I saw Bad Santa for the first time. Genuinely very funny, and as dark as you like. I was especially impressed that they resisted the easy, sentimental ending for which most Christmas films opt. Great fun if you're a bit of a cynic. :)
  8. Ethan Bentley

    Ethan Bentley One Too Many

    The New Forest, Hampshire, UK
    Life is Beautiful
  9. skyvue

    skyvue Call Me a Cab

    New York City
    Last night I took in a Jean Arthur double-feature as part of the Madcap Manhattan series at NYC's Film Forum.

    First up was Frank Capra's adaptation of Kaufman and Hart's YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU. Arthur and Jimmy Stewart are delightful as the romantic leads, but Lionel Barrymore and Edward Arnold as the respective patriarchs of the oil-and-water families around which the action revolves steal the show, in my view.

    That was followed by IF YOU COULD ONLY COOK, described by Film Forum's blurb writer as a "dress rehearsal for MY MAN GODFREY."

    The blurb continues: "Thinking he’s in the same boat, homeless Jean Arthur recruits auto magnate Herbert Marshall, out gamboling in Central Park, for a husband/wife butler/cook job in the home of gourmet gangster Leo Carrillo."

    IF YOU COULD ONLY COOK is a delightful, if slight, romantic comedy, one I'd previously only seen on television. What a treat to catch it in a theatre with an appreciative audience.

    Tonight, it's MY SISTER EILEEN and, if I can convince the wife to stay out till midnight, Brian Aherne and Loretta Young in A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.

    Both scoops of tonight's double-dip are set on Gay Street in the Village -- EILEEN in the basement at #14, and NIGHT TO REMEMBER at #13.
  10. Ethan Bentley

    Ethan Bentley One Too Many

    The New Forest, Hampshire, UK
    An underrated film of their that I quite enjoyed. :)
  11. Love Happy (1949) doesn't live up to the manic zanyness of the Marx Brothers earlier classics and is a little bit more sentimental but all of the elements of their trademark acts are in this film. Harpo gets a bit more center stage for a bigger part of the movie than most previously.

    The best surprise part is the appearance of Maryllin Monroe coming to PI Sam Grunion's office foor "help" because some men are following her. The scene is a great crack up. A young Perry Mason (raymond burr) is one of the menacing brothers that are the hired thugs for Madame Eagle-ichi. Songs, Dance, musical performances, suspense of a sort make for a send off of Marx Noir...

    I was always fond of this film inspite of the critics.
  12. Scott Wood

    Scott Wood Practically Family

    Just curious if there is a website where I might find a copy of this?

  13. Hondo

    Hondo One Too Many

    Northern California
    I actually saw 3, First up "The Wrestler" a sad story
    with Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei,
    Marisa Tomei is not your whole some girl, next door,
    she plays stripper girlfriend with nipple rings,
    far cry from My Cousin Vinny days, loved her ;)

    next "Walk Hard" The Dewey Cox story, with John C. Reilly.
    Reilly was great in Chicago and Boogie Nights, but Dewey
    is a bit lame, does have its moments.

    Body of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio
    good movie but some how uneven
    There are so many present day films, plus TV news
    full of it, scary for sure, God Bless Our Troops.
  14. Dr Doran

    Dr Doran My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Los Angeles
    Wholehearted agreement here.
  15. "The Glass Key" 1942

    Truthfully, it really didn't hold my attention so well - it seems like the plot was a bit thin and sort of....disjointed or something. And the ending line was fine, but out of character almost. Maybe it's just me tonight - perhaps I suffer from ennui...

    But, I can see why it didn't take off like "The Maltese Falcon"
  16. Anneloes

    Anneloes New in Town

    I'm in the middle of watching Public Enemies (fell asleep last night while watching it, so I paused it, haha). It's kind of.. meh. It's nice, great cast, but I'm about halfway through and it's a little generic. Criminal escapes, commits crimes, has the police chasing him, has a relationship with a random woman he met, blah blah blah. I hope it gets a little more exciting during the last hour!
  17. Scott Wood

    Scott Wood Practically Family

    Dbl Header...

    Two classics tonight,
    My Favourite Brunette with Hope, Lamour, Lorre and Cheney. A couple really well placed cameos with Alan Ladd and Bing Crosby. Everyone knows it if they've ever seen a single "Hope" vehicle [huh] lol
    Next, His Girl Friday with Carey and Rosalind Russell, really the only film in which I have found Grant just the slightest touch annoying:eek:
    Shutting up now...:eek:

  18. Avalon

    Avalon A-List Customer

    Long Island, NY
    Caught The Roaring Twenties off of TCM, which I really enjoyed. I'm still new to Cagney pictures, and he is truly kinetic onscreen, this coil of firepower that is barely contained by the frame.

    Hoping to watch either Ben Hur (1925, with Ramon Novarro) or The Younger Generation (1929, with Ricardo Cortez) tonight. :)
  19. Mr. 'H'

    Mr. 'H' Call Me a Cab

    Dublin, Ireland, Ireland
    Certainly not as good as "This Gun for Hire" from the same year. I watched that yesterday and enjoyed it. Takes a few viewings to get the various story lines.

    I love'd Lake's magician performance... priceless! And that suit looks like it's PVC, like she's doing a quasi-burlesque performance!


    And Laird Cregar was still in his 20s when he played that bungling oaf! :eek: Hilariously camp performance!!!
  20. I have seen this but it was some time ago, the costume in that scene is like a triple shot of espresso! It strongly hints at the concept of fetish wear.
    I have always said that some men are like fish and they are attracted to shiny lures.

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