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Camp Ironsights

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Renault, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Big Man

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    Looks like you had a great time.
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  2. WH1

    WH1 Practically Family

    Looks like a great time. Congratulations on the 5x6. Elk is the best meat there is and any time you harvest a bull is cause for celebration. Well done.
    Where in Colorado? I hunted outside of Basalt for years.
    Not going to get out to Elk country this year due to a recent career move but still have a little of last years North Arizona bull in the freezer but if you have a little backstrap to spare...
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  3. WH1, we hunt on a family ranch up between Granby and Grand Lake. Was a good hunt. Son got a big bodied 6x6.
    I took my bull with a Browning copy of an 1895 Winchester in 30 Govt 1906, and yes with IRON SIGHTS!!!! No scope! LOL!!
  4. WH1

    WH1 Practically Family

    Outstanding on all accounts. I admired that rifle in the firearms section. Major respect on using it to harvest a bull elk and with iron sights, serious respect Marine!
  5. Thanks again Compadre! Have several other hunts planned this season. Doing mostly camp work. Let the young folks do some hunting. They are t as versed in the field dressing end of it so I suppose that's why they take me along! LOL!

    Also will be taking the wife to another family members ranch for several days. We will stay in the guest house and she can finally get back to enjoying the outdoors. It will be her real first time away from home ( and not in a hospital) since her two strokes last January. She is doing real well and is looking forward to our little Outing !!!!
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  6. Iron sights!, I would expect nothing less from you good sir! There are standards and you maintain those with passion and style.

    Sounds like a great trip.
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  7. Oregon seems to be full of elk. I can hardly wait!
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  8. Sarge I hear the elk are as big as buffalo this year up there.
  9. Fortunately I'm moving into a very friendly, close-knit neighborhood. I'll need help eating that much.:p
  10. That would keep me going for quite a while by what a way to eat!

    Sadly we do not have elk over here but I found a Lithuianian who sells elk sausage and salami over in Bury St Edmunds the other week and they also had beaver which is one I had never tried before, bit fatty for my taste but enjoyable.
  11. "I sure wish they were buffalo"
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  12. Hah! I shot a buffalo a couple of years ago and that's a mistake I won't make again. You would need a very extended family to use up a beast that size. I was giving it away left and right and it still took my late wife and I a year and a half to eat it all. From now on I'm concentrating on the smaller end of big game . . . and lots of waterfowl! :p
  13. My comment was a paraphrase from John Wayne in that movie "Big Jake". :D

    My aunt (one who runs the ranch we elk hunt on), has a bison butchered every year. Over from a ranch at Lymon Colorado. It's about all the red meat she eats. Sometimes we'll sneak into the cooler where she keeps it and recquisition a steak or two while we're up there!!! ;)
  14. That's a hell of a lot of red meat. I hope she has lots of friends and relatives!
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  16. Yup it was!!!! Ol' Bruce Cabot!!! Heck of an Indian!!
    (and pudgy Green Beret! :) ).
  17. Had a buffalo steak once. probably the best I have ever had. My mother found them in an old A&P in West Monroe, La and bought enough for the whole family, and froze them until we all got together. It was probably 35-40 years ago.
  18. Heck, bison is available year round out here. All the 'upscale', 'health conscious' markets carry it and a lot of the mainline ones, too. Mostly it's burger but if you want steak, you can get it.
  19. The elusive and enigmatic "Wifey" I occasionally refer to! Here we are last Friday morning. We are headed afield on a hunt!!!!! This is a big thing for her as she has not been away from our house ( except at hospital)for an overnighter in 4 years!! This was her first trip out!!!!

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  20. Probably the most therapeutic thing you could do.

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