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What's on Top - Bras, panties, garter belts, slips, & stockings

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by vampygirl13, May 20, 2009.

  1. Brabarella

    Brabarella New in Town

    You should be fine with the Oxyclean, especially if it's a Playtex Living Bra (acetate, nylon and several other synthetic fibers). The 18 Hour longline should be OK also, although the rubber (Spanette) material can be more difficult to deal with. It can also more rapidly deteriorate over time, even if unworn.

  2. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    Please forgive me if this has already been asked, but I was thinking about getting some briefs with suspender (garters to you across the Pond) attached, like the one below:


    I really do love the details on this baby, even the colour, but for one it is out of stock and the only other place I've seen it is kind of out of my price range, unfortunately.
    High-waisted retro-style underwear with garters attached seems to be a rare thing, indeed. So my first question is this: is this a modern invention? My second question is this: where can I get some?!
    Thank you, ladies!
  3. Rockapin-up

    Rockapin-up A-List Customer

    Hello ladies, I was at Target a couple of weeks ago and purchased the Assets Ultra Sheers Shaping kit (could not find it on Targets websight so posted one from HerRoom)

    It comes with a mid thigh shaper that sits at the waist and 3 ltra sheer legs. I got it on clearance for $11.20. I was a little suprised as the legs are actually shaped like FF stalkings? (never owned a pair) They have some stretch but not like regular pantyhose, they are more shaped to your leg. how it works is, instead of using a garter belt, you just tuck them under the shaper shorts. So I tested them out for a day and found that the legs do go higher up my thigh than shown on the model and they also give that wrinkling effect. I did have to pull them up a couple of times during the day but other than that I found them okay. I'm guessing you can use a garter belt with them if you so choose and if you snag one up you can buy a replacement leg http://www.herroom.com/assets-by-sara-blakely-860b-ultimate-ultra-sheers-replacement-3-pack.shtml which I guess is cool. I'v never worn FF stalkings or a garter belt so I really can't compare the two, just thought I would show it to you ladies in
    case you are curious.
    Oh and one more thing. Since the shaper sits at the waist, you might want to also wear a cincher to smooth out any muffin topping that may occur.
  4. Rockapin-up

    Rockapin-up A-List Customer

    Awww LadyDay don't feel that way, maybe you were just not used to the obvious pointy shape at first? I was intimidated by the bullet bra when I first tried in then just went for it and I'm about the same cub size as you are G or H depending on style. I have two from what katie did, and ill admit they are not the most supportive, I like them for the effect and walked out of the house and strutted my stuff.
  5. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    I'm really not sure if those are a modern invention... They might be. There is a couple of pairs on Brabarella's website, and although they're different than the ones you posted, the price can't be beat. (They ship to the UK too, I checked. :))

    I don't think so... She has the same problem I have, and it's not the pointy shape, its how we fill out the bra. It just don't come out right!
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  6. LinaSofia

    LinaSofia A-List Customer

    I recently bought a vintage longline bullet bra, which fits me perfectly! It's my first bullet shaped bra and I really love it. So I decided to buy this one from What Katie Did. But I'm so disappointed... first I ordered a size up from my normal size based on their measurements on the website, but it was a bit too loose (and MUCH pointier than my vintage bra), so I exchanged it for a smaller size and then the cups were way too small. The too-small cups literally squeezed my bosoms so that the points were aiming at the floor!! NOT flattering :D. I could probably exchange it again... but I don't want to risk it, so I'm just returning it. Disappointing :(

    I want to find a nice looking bullet bra in a light-coloured satin material to wear underneath my wedding dress in about 3 weeks.... I think I'm pretty much doomed to failure! Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? I'm not sure if I want to risk ordering from the US considering postage costs and import tax, if it doesn't fit!
  7. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    Thank you, C-dot! I really like that skirt-y one, it may do the trick.

    I'm also hankering after that very same bullet bra from WKD, LinaSofia...does the band under the cups have any give in it at all? I did get one model of bra from them - not the bullet, something pink and see-through, now discontinued - which had that very same southerly-directing action to my girls. It's like the bottom cup seam didn't go up quite far enough or something. Still trying to figure out if I can modify them somehow 'cause it's a beautiful bra and other than the, um, directional thing, fits beautifully. WKD does seem to be the only game in town when it comes to UK vintage-y underthings, but I'm sure things have flown under my radar...
  8. Hi Lina,

    I can relate. I have four WKD bras, two fit perfectly in my size the other two are way to small (and yet the same size). Not much consistency in bra styles I guess. However, I do love the two I have that fit correctly.

    Have you tried the bullet/vintage bras from Secrets in Lace? I have some of their stockings and knickers, which I love. http://www.secretsinlace.com/category/Bullet_Bras

    I love the bullet bras/knickers from Cameo Intimates, however they went out of business. :( I have this set. It was a great company as everything was custom made.


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  9. Drappa

    Drappa One Too Many

    Lina, sorry to hear that! I recently won the Harlow bra from WKD and agree that it's pointier than any of my vintage bras.
    Triumpf makes the Doreen bra in a white satin with a floral motif. I've had my eye on it for a while, but not sure the straps would be a problem for you depending on the cut of your wedding dress? It is cut exactly like my vintage longline bras, except comfier, and for me true to size. I wish they had more colours!

    ETA: It's called Fleur and Figleaves have it, but I have also seen it in Debenhams.
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  10. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Too bad they went out of business before you posted that picture here, because I would have given them a significant economic boost!
  11. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    Suspender brief! I want!
  12. Rockapin-up

    Rockapin-up A-List Customer

    Secrets and lace

    Hello, just got this bra on sale for $23 http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/494/Bullet_Bras. I got the green color, which was the biggest one they have that I thought I could fit in. But the band size was actually a little to big, and If I go down a band size they don't have it in my color. I can still wear it, if anything Ill have it taken in.
  13. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    I've just purchased the Fleur bra as I was desperately in need of a new bra anyhow, wanting something for that "gals in front" look, and something about it just screamed 50's "everyday" underwear. It's got great reviews everywhere. Thank you so much for the suggestion, Drappa. Will keep you all posted on how it suits. (If it doesn't, back to plan "A" for the WKD Harlow.)
  14. I was lucky to discover them before they went belly up. Their line was amazing and they were a Canadian company! They said their old stock may end up on Ebay, but it never has (yes I watch and wait).

    Edit: So strange, I check Ebay often for their products and there are never any. However.....now there is a whole bunch of Cameo Intimates stuff there for sale. They must have heard me talking about them. :) Happy shopping:

    More from Cameo Intimates

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  15. LinaSofia

    LinaSofia A-List Customer

    Thanks Black Dahlia and Drappa!

    I've had my eye on the Doreen too! I was thinking this 'luxury' version.

    BD - the band on the WKD harlow is a little stretchy, it's not completely without stretch. I found that I could wear my normal band size, so don't take the 'as worn' measurements on the website too seriously, they can go a couple inches bigger.
    I haven't tried Secrets in Lace, but I've looked at the site lots trying to decide whether I should take a gamble..

    And I second C-Dot, shame that company went out of business! I'd love for another lingerie company to come along that does more adventurous designs and by the looks of it, a bigger range of sizes!
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  16. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Cute, cute, cute. I'm even more upset now that I know they were Canadian - Too bad!

    There is a really limited range of sizes on ebay now, so for the future, I'm going to keep my eye out too. ;)
  17. Little lady

    Little lady Familiar Face

    Nice link to the ebay Cameo stuff, it hadn't occured to me they might me on ebay (air head me :p), I only learned about them just before they closed.

    I have never tried the Doreen bra, I've heard many complain about it though, for a lot of bigger boobed women that has been the only bra option they've known. I would have liked to try it, but it doesn't come in small band sizes.
    For anybody else who wears a small band size (or actualy anything from 28-38), and you can also be wearing a big cup (British DD-J in 28 band, and up to K in the rest), the Bravissimo Dotty spot bra is supposedly very pointy http://www.bravissimo.com/products/...-spotty-bra/black-cafe/au08bc/?show=16&sort=4 I haven't bought it yet, but I will.

    Edit: not bridal wear I know, but for anybody struggling to find more regular pointy bras. Many of the bravissimo brand bras are pointy actually, but I think the dotty spot has been said to be more pointy than most.
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  18. LinaSofia

    LinaSofia A-List Customer

    I bought a great bra today! I was in an 'old lady' shop today with my future mother-in-law and happened upon the Berlei Classic bra! It gives me a perfect pointy shape, without being extremely pointy (it's as pointy as my vintage 50s bra, but not as pointy as the WKD bra) and it's super comfy. I noticed it's on eBay for half the price I paid (grr). It fits true to size in my opinion.
    Mine looks the same as this on the packaging, but in reality the lace is different (and in my opinion much prettier).
    I haven't tried the Doreen yet, but I imagine it's probably quite similar to this Berlei one.

    Edit: little lady - I've got a Bravissimo bra that does give me a slightly pointy shape, so I can imagine that one is similar. In my opinion it's not quite the right kind of shape to look authentic though, not as cone-shaped. But it's more pointy than most modern bras.
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  19. Little lady

    Little lady Familiar Face

    I'm into well fitting good bras more than I'm into authenticity, so that's totally a good bra for me (I don't shy away from rounded bras either), in some sizes you have to take what you can get, even when the size is there it can be a struggle to find a comfortable and good fit, it has to be right in some many other ways too. Anyway, personally I'm happy too wear modern bras, but it must be nice to have the option of nice reproduction bras, and shapewear with bras sometimes.
    The Bravissimo bras are the most pointy bras I know of that covers the small band and quite big cup size range, in case anybody is not okay with rounded bras, but don't have so many options, those might be a somwhat closer option. But if you have a breast shape that are wide and not very deep they might not fit you so well, they also can be tight at the top.

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