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Whitefeather Mfg. 1930s car coat

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by hollows, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Yes, am trying to diversify my collection and this could be just the ticket.
  2. Pdawg

    Pdawg One of the Regulars

    Yeah go and get measured there and get everything squared away......so much easier than emailing back and forth.
  3. A Vienna jaunt might indeed be the way to do it. Bit galling because I was only recently in Berlin.
  4. 58panheadfan

    58panheadfan One of the Regulars

    That's what I did this year... :)

    For more infos best way contact Whitefeather Mfg Co. directly at info@whitefeathermfg.com

    After a fast break-in period:


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  5. Thank you – very nice indeed. Happy with it? Any fit pics? And did you end up finding the cinch straps in the back useful?
  6. 58panheadfan

    58panheadfan One of the Regulars

    @Sir Jacket I'm very happy with it! It's very comfy because it's lighter weight italian HH, breaks in a short time and mold your body perfectly. I didn't use back straps yet... also I like how the buttonholes are made (lack of buttonhole machine) and tuck-in pocket flaps... all these nice little features give the jacket the x-factor for my linking... sorry no fit pics atm but you can find one earlier in this thread. Jacket looks nice on Hollows but too tight and short on sleeves for my linking means a too "modern" vs "authentic" fit. Of course that's a personal preference... but 30's Style Car Coats originally were made for layering if you prefer an "authentic" look ;) Again, best contact fardin at whitefeather mfg co. for more infos...
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  7. Nice jacket. On this style, I like the look of the flaps tucked in, but they're fantasric for keeping rain out when you flip 'em out too.
  8. No response to email to Whitefeather. Difficult to tell whether they're still operating.
  9. Pdawg

    Pdawg One of the Regulars

    I dont think he is super responsive.. give him a few days
  10. I pulled the trigger on one of these babies. Now I just need to wait...
  11. Pdawg

    Pdawg One of the Regulars

    Very nice....what Length did you settle on? And how long do you have to wait?
  12. Hey, Pdawg. Haven't sent the measurements yet but thought I'd go for 28". And have asked for leather collar facings rather than the cord showing through. Think that was the way to go.

    And two months, Fardin told me.
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  13. Don't know what's happened to Fardin. Paid a Paypal deposit and then a month later got a notification saying it had been refunded and Whitefeather had no account. Have heard nothing from Fardin since. A shame.
  14. Gav

    Gav A-List Customer

    That Is a shame. I remember Fardin from the olden days of superfuture and he was always a gent. His jackets are lovely too.
  15. regius

    regius One Too Many

    whitefeathers? so many new makers...
  16. regius

    regius One Too Many

    established in 1905? is this FTC friendly? (wise ass comment to follow), no wonder you can't get hold of Fardin....
  17. A double shame because the jackets could hit a sweet spot at that quality and price. Be years until I can afford a Himmel.
  18. Pdawg

    Pdawg One of the Regulars

    i'll have to check up on mine...thanks for posting
  19. Let me know if he surfaces.
  20. Pdawg

    Pdawg One of the Regulars

    @sirjacket, will do brother.

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