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    VS HST anyone?

    HST defined HST was my first of many collaborations with Art and I do indeed own the prototype. Having the experience of actually seen President Truman during one of his morning "constitutionals" on Park Avenue in New York he had special meaning to me. Also take in mind that as a...
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    Borsalino Astuccio (from Bencraft)

    Borsolino Viaggio I would not categorize the Viaggio as a long hair or Pelouche but rather a more rustic finish than a well pounced felt. It goes well with casual clothes and is very water repellant. You can get them at Bencraft (a very fine place for caps and hats) and if you visit there...
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    Borsalino Astuccio (from Bencraft)

    Folding Borsolinos I own many Borsos and I love the lightweight Astuccio. I does roll pretty well but for rollability, the Viaggio is the one to get. The grey tritone with the midnight blue 6 ligne ribbon is even pocketable. analogist
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    The brand Wigéns

    Wigens I own at least a dozen Wigens caps and all are teriffic. I have the elkhide and cashmere baseball caps, cashmere and linen newsboys and many patterns and fabrics in the Ivy styles. Go to the websites of Bencraft in Brooklyn and Delmonico in New Haven and you will get the very best...
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    Ivory VS

    It is a very ivory white or a whitish ivory. I plead guilty to both collaborating with Art on The Continental and owning the one with the purple ribbon with the "Trompe l'Oieil" treatment on the double chevron. My inspiration comes from the hat worn by the Pablo Neruda character in the film Il...
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    hat store in NYC?

    I take this as a personal insult. This is my Bar Mitzvah picture and is probably the last memory my sainted parents have of me. By the way, do you consider yourself a Cary Grant doppelganger? analogist
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    Scala Fedoras - Good quality?

    Scala Fedora Quality 1. Place two holes on top of crown. 2. Fit it on your mules head. 3. After a few days, he will bray for a better one. analogist
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    hat store in NYC?

    Stay in Brooklyn Welcome to the world of hats! Brooklyn is the home to Bencraft Hats which has one branch in Boro Park and another in Williamsburg. Their website will give you a clue as to what they carry in the world of headware and I think you will not go home empty-handed. analogist
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    Light Grey Hats with Grey Beards?

    Grey Beard Well my friend, snow on the roof is fine as long as there is a fire in the furnace. I suspect it is if you still have hat concerns. I too have a grey beard although my driver's licence shows picture of a much younger man. I still live by that picture. The Borsalino Film and...
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    I speak with my friend Art Fawcett very often. One of the subjects which always comes up is the economy and how the current administration is handling it. Although we differ greatly in many political matters, we both agree that some high level banking exec getting a $100 million bonus while...
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    Art Fawcett VS Hall of Fame

    Grey Ghost Welcome StylinLA; Ask Art to send you a picture of Grey Ghost. The dark purple ribbon against the grey body is way cool. analogist
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    Your opinions, please.

    Oy Vey!
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    So, what happened with the bound-edge Nostalgia?

    Stetson Nostalgia I own (I think the first one) a bound edge Caribou Grey Nostalgia which I got from Steven at Bencraft. It is a very nice hat which I believe is in their Sovereign quality range. I have not worn it in any foul weather so I could not report on its durability. I do have a...
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    Winter Weather Hats?

    Too cold for a fedora? It finally is too windy here in New York so one must go to Plan B. Bencraft has the Wigens Elkhide baseball caps which are as good as a cap with discrete earflaps can get. I love them. If you can go for the extra coin, go for their Crown Cap Trooper in calfskin and...
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    AUCTION #136: Lee - Jet - Size 7 3/8 - C0000228974 - SOLD

    It's nice I'll bid $82 analogist