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    Hat Horror Stories

    The T&J mentioned in an earlier post (where the pictures were missing) was mine. I dug up the picture and here is a shot of the damage. Still breaks my heart!
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    SOLD....Stetson in medium Gray, needs a friend: Size 7 1/4

    What color is that? I might be interested....but not until next payday at the earliest. JCBurns
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    Hat Hanging Idea

    Aw man, you had to bring that up didn't ya? :)
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    Full Hat Collection Photographs Thread

    Link to mine I'll cheat and just provide a link to a couple of shots of my collection. Nothing new since this was posted. Oh except the beautiful Dobbs Fifth Avenue that M_Jones was kind enough to gift me after my terrible smoking hat tragedy! Thanks again M_Jones...
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    Attention Denverites

    Just wanted to give a heads up. I was out and about today and stopped in to the Antique Exchange at Broadway and Florida. Judy has a good-condition Cavanaugh in a 7 3/8 Extra Long Oval for $42. It's not in excellant condition, a few stains on the ribbon, but it is in pretty decent shape. I'm...
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    Lefty, that's one of the oddities about the Tom and Jerry...I don't think we have seen any two that are the same. JCBurns
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    BK, your pictured doesn't seem to have come through and I'd love to see what could be worse. LOL And yes, I'm afraid it was indeed a 7 3/8. So sorry! Believe me I VERY sorry this happened! JCBurns
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    You know, the thing that really kills me is this is absolutely the finest, softest felt I have come across in my small collection of hats. I just don't know if I will ever be able to replicate it or find something as nice. Of all the damn hats to do this to! Argh!!!! JCBurns
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    pics as requested GoneSolo here is the button. This was the best I could get..sorry. And for those interested here is the liner.
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    Now with photos..not for the faint of heart I have decided to add a couple of shots of the T&J and the carnage. \ IndyCop, It was not a custom, simply a very nice Knox that I was lucky enough to find in a local antique store...for $38!!! Waaaaaaaa Oh and Carter, I'm a 7 3/8. LOL...
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    I had a terrible terrible thing happen last night. Here is what led to the disaster... I head over to my local watering hole for a bit of liquid refreshment and karaoke. I walk in and am instantly handed my favorite mixed beverage by the lovely bartender, Rosie. A little conversation at the...
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    Denver hat shopping

    Brad, I'll bet that fully 1/2 of my collection has the Cottrells foil stamp in them. I also have a number from "The Denver" store. JCBurns
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    What do you think of this place?!

    My favorite Antique Store. Sorry for the bad pic..Cell Phone cameras still aren't very good. JCBurns
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    Denver hat shopping

    Fred, There is a place along the same street, Broadway, farther South than Flossie McGrews, just north of Hamden called Ted's Clothiers that carries Scala brand hats. They also claim to carry authentic Panama's from Equador. I can't vouch for them, but they did have a fairly decent...
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    Cruise Hat(s)??

    I've just recently booked my first ever cruise to the western Caribbean leaving from New Orleans in December. Any suggestions on what hat(s) to bring? I'm really curious if I'll even be able to wear one onboard...or will it simply fly off the ship?! Any suggestions? Lightweight Playboy or...

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