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  1. ClaytonMoore

    Purchasing a Custom Fitted Custom Hat While Living in The Mid Atlantic Area

    I would love to purchase a custom made rabbit fedora, made to my own head measurements. Unfortunately I live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, where no custom hatters who you can physically visit, exist. In order to feel comfortable purchasing something I would need to have the fit exactly...
  2. C

    For Sale - Field Leather Chicago

    Selling my custom Field Leather Chicago. This one is made in teacore shinki horsehide. Lining is lightweight wool tartan. It’s a beautiful jacket, but I unfortunately made a mistake in the custom measurement process. I wear low rise jeans, and I did not account for that, so the jacket was made...
  3. P

    WTB/Help wanted to build my winter heavy leather jacket

    Hello TFL, I come to you folks for advice after scouring makers upon makers, second-hand marketplaces and Paris thrift stores. Some of you may have seen me in the "ask a question get an answer" thread asking about a vintage heavy FQHH Grais with quilted lining in my quest for my winter/colder...
  4. B

    Aero Seven Custom - Recommendations

    Hi All, Very excited to post here for the first time after putting down a deposit for custom Aero Seven with Thurston. I’ve always wanted to go the custom route given my appreciation for craftsmanship and that I’ve had a hell of a time finding a jacket that fits (6’4 190bs with a long torso). I...
  5. S

    Leather jacket length short torso

    Currently waiting for my Lewis Leathers 402 to arrive (ordered at the beginning of Sept and still waiting!) Getting nervous about the length, even though I went through the measurements extensively with them, speaking on the phone, along with sending photos to them of a jacket I already have...
  6. horweak

    Custom Langlitz experiences?

    Hey all, I've been thinking about pulling a trigger on a custom columbia for a while now. I haven't ordered the catalog or spoken to anyone there yet. I wanted to hear some of your experiences first. How expensive? How long did it take? How easy are they to work with? Any outrageous sizing or...
  7. M

    Nicks Handmade Boots - Robert Black CXL 10 1/2 - 11D

    Nicks Handmade Boots - Robert Black CXL 10 1/2 - 11D Size: Men's US 10.5 / EU 43-44 Color: Black chromexcel Condition: Gently Used Gently used with minimal signs of wear. Worn less than half a dozen times and no hard use. New boots were over $600 and 6 month wait, Height 8” shaft, 55 Last...
  8. mjunderw00d

    Fine Creek Leathers - "Leon Custom" - size 40 (2mm Horsehide)

    Been sitting on this jacket for a while, and just doesn't fit me quite right. At least not enough to justify keeping a jacket of this price and magnitude. It deserves someone wearing it regularly. Fine Creek Leathers - "Leon Custom" model in size 40 (which fits like a US 38). I wear a 38 in...
  9. Geekrobot

    Himel: An Existential Review

    TLDR; I ordered a bespoke Chevalier jacket from Himel Bros. Leather. It took 20 weeks to complete, more than double their estimated lead time of 2 months. The jacket itself is excellent, but their service was not very good, especially at the price they charge. What was supposed to be a...
  10. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    FS - Thedi Flight Jacket (Brand New)

    Hello Everyone, I posted about this brown/teacore/vegetable-tanned cowhide jacket (Thedi model MTC-1279406) back in September when I first received it from Thurston Brothers, so some of you may have seen it then. This was my dream leather jacket, and I think it's absolutely beautiful, but...
  11. M

    Aero Board Racer - Veg Tan Russet Badalassi leather jacket sz 40 - $500

    SOLD! Thanks everyone! I do still have the size 38 available.
  12. mjunderw00d

    Custom Vanson — any insight?

    Apologies if this info is floating around, but an initial search didn’t uncover anything obvious. I’m between sizes on the Vanson Commando (LeftField and ButterScotch Tri-lab) and am toying with the idea of having modifications made to the fit (on a new jacket order, by Vanson during the...
  13. Bahabp100

    Gail (RIP) from Schott: her thoughts on fit and custom jackets

    Was just reading this on the Schott forum and it seemed interesting enough to post here as well as a tribute to her: Our employees, most have worked for Schott about 20 years before the first Schott Retail store was opened, personally this is my 38th year. It is easy when you have an actual...
  14. Marc mndt

    Full custom Field Leathers Idaho review

    This is going to be a lengthy review but I hope you guys find it worthy to read. I think there is a lot to say about this jacket. Sometimes I just like to see the pictures so let’s start with those first.
  15. E

    Fit check Aero Premier Highwayman

    Aero Premier Highwayman in black CXL fqhh with zipped sleeves. Brass hardware. Bought from the Aero's sale section in order to mainly use as a "fit jacket". How would you improve the fit? I am thinking of adding an inch or so to the sleeves and - maybe - pulling in the waist section a bit. I am...
  16. thekiyote

    GoodWear Leather - 1939 Werber A-2 (new)

    So, John is alive. I just received a custom Werber 1939 A-2 from him. For those of you who are curious, I've been on his waiting list since April 2017, when I first started looking at getting a new leather jacket. I ended up ordering an Aero Wayfairer, but John's name was thrown around a lot...
  17. the LS

    Custom Johnson Leather jacket, virtually new, size 40

    Gentlemen - about three years ago I had a jacket custom made at Johnson Leather in San Francisco. In the window I saw a "Japanese Train Engineer" jacket they were selling and combined its details with their standard M-200 motorcycle model, which offered a slimmer and shorter fit. The result...
  18. Feliksas

    Aero Natural CXL HH J-106/KotR/Indian Mix Biker Jacket

    Howdy all, I just got word from Aero that my custom jacket shipped today. I asked them to take some photos before shipping so that I could show you guys: Type: J-106 Size: 38" Leather: Natural CXFQHH Customised: King Of The Road Back (Yoke, and hidden belt) Indian Ranger Throat Latch Brass...
  19. Mr.paRuski


    I thought it might be interesting, if we can have a thread for people to talk about their Kickstarter, if it is related to the forum. Let me introduce my Campaign: I love suspenders and I wear them most of time, but I couldn't find a fair price and good customization options. So, I created...
  20. SimonR

    Motorcycle Jumper ... for info

    Morning Anyone riding motorbikes will know that jumpers sticking out of the bottom of the jacket can be a pain ... but try finding a shorter body length jumper. Lewis Leathers have started doing one but only go up to a small 44" I needed a slightly bigger one but only 25 1/2 " body length to...

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