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motorcycle jacket

  1. mattmiller1973

    Dainese -- Ducati Eagle Meccanica Motorcycle Jacket size 54

    I've almost never worn this jacket, because I bought it slightly too small for me. (The guy in the pics is shorter than me, I'm 6'3'', 207 lbs.) The Ducati Eagle leather motorcycle jacket is from the ``Meccanica'' collection, in a size 54. Fits me great off the bike, but is slightly too small...
  2. S

    Lesco Size 46 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    $250 OBO, buyer to pay shipping. Ships from North Andover, MA Bought in the early 1980s, this jacket is in great condition, with little wear. Has been in a closet for close to 30 years and is completely ready for use. Unfortunately, the belt has gone missing, however. Otherwise, in prime shape.

    Help me to understand please!

    Hello everyone! What age can be this jacket? Would it be in Steerhide or Horsehide? Do you know this brand "Montgomery Word" ? I know it's American but I didn't have a direct experience before... I hope somebody wants to be so kind to tell me something about.. Thank you!!

    My New Old Jacket!

    I bay this old jacket she look like you can see in the pictures.. The central zip "Aero" and the small zips marked "slip", of what period will be this jacket? you believe is in Horsehide or Steerhide? Some idea about possible brand? Thank you very much for your attention, I hope to receive an...
  5. T

    Schott 519 “One Star” Perfecto

    https://www.schottnyc.com/products/retro-leather-jacket.htm Size medium. Bought from Matches a year ago, worn sparingly. Good condition, some natural creasing to arms. UK RRP >£800. Pit-to-pit 22” Pit-to-cuff 18.5 Shoulder-to-cuff 26.5” Shoulder-to-shoulder 17.5” (action back) Base of...
  6. srpntn

    92 Skyline Leathers Navigator - Custom Motorcyle Jacket

    First thread and I've got several older motorcycle jackets I'm going to let go. This was my favorite in the 90's when I rode everyday, everywhere. Thought I would share this for any comments on it's vintage style and uniqueness before I post for sale. Skyline Leathers, owned and operated by...
  7. Pboggia

    FS: GRAIL Lost Worlds LEATHERTOGS Motorcycle Jacket

    FS: GRAIL Lost Worlds LEATHERTOGS Motorcycle Jacket, This is it the jacket of all jackets. I waited for this jacket for 8 months and it is nothing short of a work of art. I am making myself sell what I don't use, I have another Lost Worlds jacket that I have had for 9 years and it took me about...
  8. StarFox

    For sale or trade Bloomingdale's Matchless Waxed Charley Leather Jacket

    Hello, Newbie here. I've been checking out this site for a while lusting over all the beautiful vintage leather jackets. I just bought my first A2 bomber that will be with me in a few days and ill post about it. I recently came across a Matchless waxed jacket I bought "second hand" from a...
  9. Pwpwpw12


    Selling b/c its too big on me. Custom, hand made in the USA BuCo replica leather jacket. Constructed from Genuine Tanned Front Quarter 1.2-1.4mm (3-3.5 oz) Heavy Horsehide. Full removable leather belt. Removable full sleeve Thinsulate zip out liner with knitted cuffs. Reinforced kidney panel...
  10. lina

    FS: Flathead Delraiser horsehide moto jacket 44 (very nice!)

    I've decided to put this one up for sale. It's a beauty. Shinki horsehide, very high quality Japanese made jacket. (It has probably the nicest lining I've ever seen..) I will post below the description by Self Edge, who sells this jacket, as well as pics of me wearing it. I am 6' and about...
  11. azepeda3

    Schott 141 Classic Racer Leather Jacket (Size 42)

    Hi all, Selling ($375) or trading my Schott 141. The leather is perfect and all hardware works just fine. There are no scratches or tears. I don't have the zip out liner, but Schott can make a new one for $80. The jacket was made in 1998. I've lost some weight, so I am looking for a black 654...
  12. Phillips88

    Thoughts on leather of Schott leather jackets!

    Most of us know that Schott's leather jackets mostly come in three famous leathers; Steer, Cow, and Horse! Everyone always ask, which is better, stronger, etc.. They all have their pros and cons. I currently have a 6 month old 141 in naked cowhide and in the process of breaking in a new 618 in...
  13. M

    vintage AMF Harley leather jacket

    Hi experts, can anyone identify the approx year and name of this jacket? I just got it with some other items from a friend who's husband recently passed. It's black and fits snug for a 42. 2 chest pockets, no hand warmers, and none inside. The zippers are Talon. Someone says it's a Sportster...

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