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Aero Board Racer Fit Pics.... First Post and Hello!


New in Town
After months and months of lurking, I decided to pull the trigger on a custom Board Racer! After a few emails with Carrie at Thurston Bros, fit jacket arrived, photos are taken, now to move forward.

The fit of TFL member @Witchtrip's BR is exactly what I'm after. Here is the link to his thread: http://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/aero-perfection-again-my-new-board-racer-arrives.88186/
His jacket:

I'll be sending my fit photos to Carrie after I post this. Here are my thoughts so far:

-- The jacket will be Black. Vicenza and Tumbled CXL FQHH are in running based on the samples I received. Opinions?

-- I know nickel seems to be the norm for black, but shinny brass that will dull naturally kind of peaks my interest.

-- I'm interested in inquiring about some type of leather piping over the sleeve zippers. Something similar to what is done on the chest and had warmer pockets. This has been brought up before on another thread, however, I'm not sure how it ended. http://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/advice-needed-on-new-aero-cafe-racer-jacket.91371/page-8

-- Angled chest pockets. No hand warmers. No inside pockets.

-- Top back yoke. Center seam may be necessary for fit. If not, great.

As far as fit jacket impressions go... I need more sleeve length. I plan to wear them zipped halfway or more. I seem to have a bunching of excess material under the armpits. The side profile shows a barrel chest effect. However, the fit across the chest, ofer the pockets is good. Maybe it can be tidied up here and there. Maybe a touch slimmer and tapered a touch? I'd also like the zipper to be brought down. Do I need a smidge more length? Seems pretty spot on length wise.

I'm wearing a grey thermal over a T-shirt in the first photos and just a black T-Shirt in the rest.

All feedback welcomed! Thanks for having me here in The Lounge!












Call Me a Cab

I wouldn't size down, I think it fits well around the body. And sizing down always means, tighter in the shoulders, it may become unomfortable. This excess material under the arms is not visible at all when you stand normally, but allows for some layer if it's cold and it also help with movability in the sleeves duue to the angle in which sleeves are attached to the body.

I would add at least 1" to the sleeves and in fact, maybe add an inch to bodylength as well.

That all being said, even this test jacket already looks pretty great on you, so whatever changes you finally decide for, it's already garantued to be a winner.


Call Me a Cab
I would want to chime in regarding the sleeve length, needs 1-2 inches longer. Otherwise this looks like a good fit on you, based on photos I wouldn’t change anything.

About the body length I think it looks good as is, and I wouldn’t change it. In my opinion, if the jacket covers your belt buckle you don’t need more length. I also think you risk messing with the proportions of the jacket by adding length to it. This is subjective though and I like a jacket to be short which I know isn’t everyone’s preference.

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One Too Many
An extra inch in the sleeves is enough for me, I personally don’t like when they cover half your hand. Body is fine. But I guess a lot is down to your personal taste here.

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I'll Lock Up
Welcome!! As others have stated, add a bit to your sleeves.

Couple details from your comments. The back yoke, I'd keep that simple on that style jacket, and hopefully keep the 1-piece back below it as per your fit jacket that you are wearing.

Leather. Big discussion point there. I like thicker/stiffer (to a point) that molds well to your body with some wear. My first Aero was a Cafe Racer in CXL Steerhide. I might recommend that to you, it's initially rather stiff, but put it on for 15-20 minutes and your body warms up the leather, it just works with you. After about 10 good wearings of my CR, it was over 50% broken in. And it'll take anything you can dish out. Great for riding, or just great for wearing. Look at Ton312's latest Bootlegger as an example.

I've never tried on a Vicenza jacket. That could be a great option, and looking again at Withctrip's tread that you linked, it looks amazing.


I'll Lock Up
Offhand I would say 1" added to the body and 2" to the sleeves. Be especially careful adding too much to the body length so as not to adversely affect the overall proportions of the jacket. Since the Board Racer is a racing shirt design, I would go with Vicenza rather than FQHH CXL as the latter might be a tad restrictive in the chest and shoulders. BTW welcome to the Lounge.


New in Town
A big thank you to everyone for chiming in! Too many posts to respond to individually for the time being so I'll address where I am at the moment.

-- Understanding there will be approximately 0.5in of shrinking in sleeve length, I can afford a 2in increase in length to have the sleeve length at an eventual satisfactory length.

-- I like the body length as is. However, I'm considering 0.5-1.0in increase to offset any factory variance or eventual wrinkling that will set in. I like the length, but ANY shorter would simply bee too short for me. I'm also 6'3" skinny, and even though the photos don't show it, all legs. I can afford a touch more length, be true to the proportions, and not have it too "coatish."

-- I think I'm going to bite the bullet and add a center seam under the yoke on the back. I addressed with Carrie. The seam should take about 0.5in of leather out of the lower back. It's not much, but this will improve the fit on my body. I love the yoke/one piece combo, however, fit is king.

-- No opinions on the shiny brass vs. nickel hardware on a black BR??

Again, huge thanks to TFL for helping part ways with my money :cool:


New in Town
I dont believe that current Aero brass zippers will tarnish over time unless you plan on using nail polish remover to get rid of the laquer coating. I always liked the tarnished brass, or even antiqued brass with black.

If this is the case, nix the brass. I don't want to have to doctor them for the end goal. I'd prefer not to have them "pre-antiqued." Takes the fun out of watching them age!
Ask to be sure, but this is my understanding. Waldes does uncoated brass zippers, but I don't think they are available on Aero jackets


One of the Regulars
I would add 1 to the body and 1,5-2 to the sleeves to be save and prevent the jacket to be to short after the shrinking by the wrinkling. To add a center seam will improve the fit. You should also consider that a jacket in CXL FQHH will feel a half size smaller than a jacket made from Vicenza in my experience.

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