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  1. Here is a thread dedicated to OUR (ones you collect and OWN) business cards, ads, photo's and associated ephemera of HATTERS, Cleaners, and Dyers of old (lets say at least more than 30 years old)!!! I will note: MANY hatters offered cleaning services and MANY cleaners offered cleaning and repairing of HATS. Often BOTH also would DYE hats as well (in all cases going to a darker color to cover color loss and stains that cannot be removed, of course black was just re-blacked)!!!!! SO, please feel free to post the associated ephemera YOU ACTUALLY OWN. (lets keep this thread troll and internet image free;))
  2. 1883 Trade Card..... IMG_20191120_185836.jpg
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  3. Circa 1880 Trade Card.... IMG_20191120_185953.jpg
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  4. Circa 1940 advertising pocket mirror...... IMG_20191120_190106.jpg
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  5. Circa 1940 Blotter..... IMG_20191120_190537.jpg
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  6. Circa 1930 blotter........ IMG_20191120_190626.jpg
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  7. Circa 1960 advertising hat sponge....."Tops Cleaners"...... IMG_20191121_104642.jpg IMG_20191121_104659.jpg
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  8. GUESSING 1890's on this card. Cannot find information on the "New Post Office" other than some small references to different locations (one being near) located around the city. There was a huge new post office built over a 4 year period in 1931 and finished in 1935. It was about 3 blocks away from this address and of course this card is much earlier...... IMG_20191121_164423.jpg
  9. Here is the card pictured at the beginning of this thread.....Circa 1880.
    IMG_20191121_165325.jpg IMG_20191121_165335.jpg
  10. Here are two more from a different hatter also circa 1880. These were not back printed.
  11. 1940's blotter........... IMG_20191121_164316.jpg
  12. 1950....a street cart haberdasher! IMG_20191122_155536_1.jpg
  13. Unknown date (mid-century) Hatter.....in a can!!!:eek::rolleyes:;)
  14. 1958, Inside John's Hat Shop.......fitting a new hat!:) IMG_20191122_162125.jpg
  15. circa 1880....Love the "Sign of the Glass Hat"!!! Coleman the hatter.jpg
  16. December 1861......Ad for Knox Hat Shop..... December 1861.jpg
  17. 1933....in his 25 years of business, Max Fluggelman has provided Silk Toppers upon the election of 6 presidents: Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Coolidge, Harding and Hoover for them to wear at their Inauguration to office. 1933.jpg
  18. This is a cool one with the illustrated hat fitting.......circa 1890-1900 Hat Shop Fitting.jpg
  19. Same image as the framed one above, this is for Hottel the Hatter and they carry Dunlap Hats... Hottel Hatter.jpg
  20. Early Adam Hats felt finishing pad...... IMG_20191125_160346.jpg IMG_20191125_160359.jpg

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