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  1. Circa 1875....Note this ties with their stock of children's clothes, hats and caps.....heavy guilding. IMG_20200121_125238.jpg
  2. Circa 1875 also...Note: Um-Brellas!! IMG_20200121_125128.jpg IMG_20200121_125202.jpg
  3. 1884..........
    IMG_20200122_073649.jpg IMG_20200122_073637.jpg
  4. Here is a Circa 1960 Shudde Brothers folder that contains 13 postcards you can order a new hat from.....In addition to being hatters they were expert renovators too.....many people think they only offered renovation but like many another hatter they had a full range outfitting store including clothing!!! IMG_20200122_085247.jpg IMG_20200122_085704.jpg IMG_20200122_081852.jpg IMG_20200122_081859.jpg
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  5. Circa 1910 ruled notebook......
    IMG_20200122_073934.jpg IMG_20200122_073946.jpg
  6. Circa 1875 Oval Trade Card.....
  7. Circa 1945 Match Cover........ IMG_20200122_073819.jpg IMG_20200122_073802.jpg
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    Central California
    Interesting that the Dobbs Rancher was
    $40 when the Borsalino Crema was only $25. The Dobbs being almost twice the price of the Borsalino was unexpected. Thanks for posting these, Mark.

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  9. The $40 Dobbs Rancher was a special level hat like the Stetson 7X or others Beaver 50. It was introduced around 1951 or so....and for the same $40. So western version of a Dobbs Forty....
  10. 1870 bill of sale for a $7.00 hat!!! Quite a very lot then!!
  11. Set of heavy gilded cards circa 1875....Interesting with the children in national costume.....
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  12. Circa 1925 "non-poisonous" Strobin wash packet.....outside in English (imported to Canada) with the inside packet in the original German.
    IMG_20200129_180940.jpg IMG_20200129_180632.jpg IMG_20200125_102521.jpg IMG_20200125_102515.jpg
    Here is the other Strobin advertising stamp from my collection....
    Strobin Stamp 4.jpg
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  13. And unknown date.... bottle of Jane Morgan's "Non-Explosive" Hat Cleaner!!!
    IMG_20200129_125118.jpg IMG_20200129_125103.jpg IMG_20200129_125109.jpg
  14. Then we have "POW" Felt Hat Cleaner!!!! IMG_20200127_090554.jpg IMG_20200127_090539.jpg
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  15. And here we have an actual Colorite product, circa 1935 or so.......
    IMG_20200130_080647.jpg IMG_20200130_080654.jpg IMG_20200130_080702.jpg IMG_20200130_080709.jpg IMG_20200130_080727.jpg IMG_20200130_080735.jpg IMG_20200130_080802.jpg
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  16. Circa 1900 photo postcard.......
    Sign reads:
    Gents Furnishing Store
    Shoes & Hats
    Mart Morris MGR.
    Note on the right: "The Celebrated Stetson Hat";)
    I actually scanned this one to capture all the detail
    Close up of the sign.....
    2020-01-31_103515 crop.jpg
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  17. 1940's Blotter from Detroit Michigan men's shop...........

    Whippet Blotter.jpg
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  18. 1940's.......... United Hatters Dry Cleaners 2.jpg United Hatters Dry Cleaners.jpg
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  19. Circa 1915........ Madison's.jpg
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  20. Circa 1920 blotter.......Shoes AND Hats!!!!!!!
    Troy Quick Shoe Repair.jpg
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