Horrible movies, and the people who get duped into waching them....

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Fedord Spaniard, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. "Skeet" McD

    "Skeet" McD Practically Family

    Essex Co., Mass'tts
    Well, I don't know how old you are...or whether you're a native Manhattanite. I was in HS and College during the Woody Allen years, in largely Jewish Westchester Co...and then went to University at Binghamton, which was literally Jewish Long Island in exile. Woody Allen was A BIG DEAL.

    I hated the early Allen movies then, and I hate 'em still, as art...but leaving their artistic pros/cons aside: I used to think: hey, I'm FROM NY...and know a good deal about the whole NY Jewish thing of the period. What would someone in say, Iowa (sorry, Fletch :rolleyes: ) make of this? They couldn't possibly even understand enough of it to form a worthwhile opinion...but the movies were supposedly so popular....is it the herd instinct? Am I the one who's missing something?

    But all that changed with Annie Hall...which I thought at the time was great, and--although it's a bit dated, which is the price you pay for being very topical--I still do. The final scenes actually made me think "awwwww..." about NYC...which I ran screaming from as fast as I could: it was a nightmare in the 70s: don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  2. Guttersnipe

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    San Francisco, CA
    Australia . . . 'nuff said
  3. Mike1939

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    Northern California
    I'm not much of a Woody Allen fan myself and it's no skin of my nose if you like him or not but I just have to ask....Have you seen Radio Days?
  4. cecil

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    Sydney, Aus.
    Pretty bad but I thought Moulin Rouge was worse. Awful. The only Baz I like is Romeo & Juliet.
  5. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    Everything with Sandra Bullock.
    Everything with Nick Cage, except Adaptation.
    That 4th Indy movie.
  6. Maguire

    Maguire Practically Family

    New York
    Absolutely. I think he thinks, or at least his fans find his behavior endearing but I think if i knew him personally I'd probably have to punch him eventually, he'd get on my nerves for being so annoying and neurotic. I saw Annie Hall and as I said... it was difficult. I'm from NYC too and I am anxious to leave, so movies are an escape FROM New York. A movie about a character i can't stand in a setting i don't like ... two negatives in this case do NOT make a positive.

    I never heard of Radio Days, Mike. And I imagine, given the context, i'm not missing out ;)

    Skeet- i am from Queens where oddly enough, most people don't think they are in the city. We often say "we are going into the city" to mean we are going into Manhattan because the suburbs are not equated with what we think of as "the city". Out of staters just look at us funny. I know there was a time when Woody Allen was the "big thing" or his movies were always heaped with praise and considered deep and substantial but i just don't see it. But that's just me I guess.

    For the record, i didn't think Indiana 4 was that bad. I mean, it was just another Indiana Jones movie. It wasn't supposed to be Braveheart. It was silly but when i watch the original trilogy, i think it was silly and cartoonish too. They were all fun movies, but I wouldn't expect to come out of the theater with a deeper insight into the world.
  7. just_me

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    Just a differing opinion. I'm also from NY (Brooklyn) and I love Woody Allen movies. Always have. Some are better than others, but I like most of them a lot. Hated Interiors, though.
  8. Feraud

    Feraud Bartender

    Hardlucksville, NY
    My sentiments exactly! lol
  9. SamMarlowPI

    SamMarlowPI One Too Many


    the rock has the worst acting...oy...shakeshead
  10. celtic

    celtic A-List Customer

    i take it you haven't seen Ghost Rider yet....
  11. Interiors was self indulgent, wasn't it? I wonder if he'd take a mulligan on that one today. So many wonderful movies over so many years. "Sleeper"; "Midnight Summer's Sex Comedy", Broadway Danny Rose, "Purple Rose of Cairo"; "What You Always Wanted to Know About Sex". Even "Zelig" holds up pretty well.

    Now bad, that's easy: Radio Flyer, a movie Tom Hanks has probably paid his agent to destroy.
  12. BAD

    Zoolander. And every Adam Sandler movie except Happy Gilmore
  13. Super bad

    Gods and Generals: What a disappointment indeed! I wanted to hurt Ted Turner. What a missed opportunity.

    And re Pearl Harbor, about 20 minutes of decent film inside a turkey.
  14. Woland

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    Oslo, Norway
    How very, very, dare you!!!

    OK, mu turn:

    Betty Blue...

    An utterly disgusting film.
    The ending is a desperate copy of "The Tenant" by Mr. Polanski.

    Prêt-à-Porter and The Player by Robert Altman.

    Is it really possible to talk people into regarding these films as something else than manure?

    *sighs pitifully*
  15. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    I like Love and Death, but all other Woody Allen movies just seem OK.

    As to awful movies, I've got to add that I'm in the camp that hates David Lynch's work. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who just likes his movies, as most people seem to be firmly for or against them.
  16. Fedord Spaniard

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    HAHAHAHAHA lol lol Maguire, you should do stand up man...seriously. I feel that violent way about some hip hop artists and celebrities. I would never do it though cause its against the law and i wouldnt be a gentleman if i did. But yea i know how you feel. P.S. why stop at punching him, you should throw in a few roundhouse kicks too hahahhaha.
  17. Nightmare

    Cassandra's Dream, not only the worst Woody Allen film, possibly one of the most inept productions by anybody, Ed Wood would have been ashamed.
  18. Umm, for the roundhouses wouldn't it be better to bring in Chuck Norris?lol

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  19. Right here with you in the firmly against camp :eusa_clap

  20. Vornholt

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    For myself, I just watched "The Graduate" last Saturday, and I will admit I saw absolutely no point to the thing whatsoever. A drifting loser with no plans of any sort, a long drawn-out chase of a girl who should have known better, and the most useless, non-ending I've seen outside of the re-imagined BSG finale. :rage: Anybody else with a similar view?

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