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Indiana Jones V

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My only complaint about the TV spot is that it doesn't feature this signature sound effect when Indy throws a punch:

(This sound effect wasn't in the trailer, either.)

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I'm also curious about the rest of it. I noticed last week that Wested are already offering on their website a Dial jacket and shirt. The shirt is similar to the original, but plainer: only the chest pockets have the pleat:

View attachment 479449

Wested's traditional Indy shirt for comparison:

View attachment 479450

The jacket looks interesting - more like their Raiders model than the Crusade / Skull jacket:

View attachment 479451


No idea whether they are just ahead of the game or they have some connection to the production. It'd be nice if they did make the film jacket, but I rather expect suppliers for this project will have been dictated much more by finances than any sort of sentimentality.
Here is what I found....

Who made the hats for Indiana Jones 5?

''The hat was designed by Anthony Powell and Joanna Johnston, the film's costume designers, based on Deborah Nadoolman Landis' original hat design for Raiders of the Lost Ark, and made by Herbert Johnson Hatters in London.''

It looks like that quote was regarding the Last Crusade hat. I know Adventurebilt made the Crystal Skull fedoras but I can’t find anything sbout the Dial of Destiny hats.


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Brief article with director James Mangold discussing themes in Indy 5:

As much as I enjoy Spielberg, I believe he may have been right to pass the baton to Mangold, if only to give the series a fresh perspective. :)

I think he's a great choice for this sort of thing. Sure, look at how Marvel tried and never quite hit the mark with their solo Wolverine films - until this guy did Logan. I know much of the Indy fanbase had an absolute tantrum about the merest suggestion Indy might die or pass on the baton in this, but if they have the nerve to let this guy work it up the way he did Logan, it'll be really quite something.

Now, far from perfect as it was, I quite liked Skull - I know it's considered the 'George Lucas Prequels' of the franchise by many - but I do believe it can be far surpassed. Definitely some fresh but sympathetic thinking will, I think, have a real chance of outperforming what Spielberg and Lucas managed with IV.


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Time waits no man, and Ford has also seen his best days with Jones. As I mentioned earlier, while in New York I caught a televised episode featuring an older retired octogenarian Indy set inside a museum, recalling an early adventure in 1917 Russia. A wonderful example of the fabled man's character combined with artistic imaginative craft. I surely don't wish to see Indy pass or become another Dr Whosits, but the issue cannot wait indefinitely either. Just a penny pitched curbside.

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