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Leather jackets for winter.

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Imuricecreamman, May 20, 2019.

  1. Imuricecreamman

    Imuricecreamman One of the Regulars

    Hm...Maybe that is a concious design element then to keep your hands dry in the rain.
  2. Imuricecreamman

    Imuricecreamman One of the Regulars

    The Blizzard looks like a really nice design. Getting rid of the double breast must also remove a bit of bulk I guess. Yours seem like a nice allround length, around what I see in my head.

    You got a Devold sweater? Cool, my father in law used to work at their factory outside Aalesund when they still made their sweaters in Norway.
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  3. zebedee

    zebedee Practically Family

    In the past, I found that going to a charity shop and getting an old, thick, shearling-lined coat for between 24-40 quid was quite easy. That solved all problems. If you do go the Aero route, make sure you get something you can layer under and that will easily accommodate a scarf/hoodie, etc. The Stockman (black fqhh) seemed to be so water resistant as to be essentially waterproof for hours on end.
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  4. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    Yeah, they're dime a dozen in the UK and some are really brilliant. The B-3 that I had was such a nice jacket and I paid 30 GBP for it. There are still so many floating around, UK eBay is full of these jackets. I honestly don't believe the pricey alternatives are really that much better. Definitely not 700 + quid better.
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  5. torfjord

    torfjord A-List Customer

    Yeah, thickest and warmest sweater I’ve ever owned. Makes my Aero submariner feel lightweight. Didn’t know they weren’t still made in Norway, what a shame they moved production.

    The Blizzard is the jacket that I’ve had the most compliments on out of all my jackets.

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  6. Imuricecreamman

    Imuricecreamman One of the Regulars

    They still make a great product, but it's made in Lithuania these days. I have some great vintage sweaters from them as well.

  7. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    If you want something with pockets and not a bum-freezer, the two I'd be looking at are the Aero Hudson and the Aero Barnstormer. The latter looks to my eye like a cut that would be the better option of the two if you wanted to wear it as an overcoat, over the top of a suit. Either blanker or shearling lined, depending on just how much warmth you want in the coat. Personally, I prefer the shape of the collar on the regular Barnstormer over the shawl collar on the production-model shearling lined version; I'm in two minds about the lining (blanket or shearling), but I'm really keen on one in brown with a long-pile mouton collar (think: Manfred von Richthoffen) and as long in the body (as close to knee length) as possible, for wearing over a suit / sports jacket.

    The Hudson is very cool indeed, though I'm seeing it as more a casual jacket, with knitwear - maybe a fairisle v-neck and a tie, rather than a suit or blazer.

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