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Mis-matching patches on an A-2


Has anyone here done what I have done? I originally was gonna use the patches from the Flying Tigers jacket, but go sidetracked in the process. Now, I have a mixture of patches. I picked out the ones that I thought looked cool, although you would have never seen these together back in the day. I will post pics later on to show what I mean. My father in law was in the 8th Air Force during WW2, so I had to put their patch on the left shoulder. I have the Hells Angel squadron patch on the right breast, a bomber patch made my the Real McCoys on the left breast, and will use the flying tigers insignia on the right shoulder. I just got a blood chit in, made by the Real McCoys and have considered putting it on the back, although it is smaller than what you nomally see. I guess I could have it sewn on the liner, as that is where the chit was placed at one time, instead of on the back. Thoughts? Anyone else break the rules and used a mixture of patches, i.e. the ones you thought looked cool? Or have I commited a crime here?;) :D Fedora


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I say go for it and set up your A2 anyway you want it. Especially if certain patches have meaning to you. I have a flying tigers patch signed on the back by "Tex" Hill and it's is going on my next A2 reguardless of what the main theme will be. I'm holding off on getting a new A2 utill I have some nose art painted on my plane which of course will be matched on my jacket.


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Each one his jacket can personalize it with the patches that it creates.
In my A2 I even have not decided to put anyone.
For if it serves him as help there is a wonderful book of Jon A. Magurre called AMERICAN FLIGTH JACKETS, which would serve him as great help at the moment of choosing the patches for his A2.



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Hell, it's a repro, do what you want! It's a beautiful jacket, but it's not an original WWII A-2, so it's not a piece of history you're messing with here. If those patches are the ones you like, what the hell! It's your jacket. My new A-2 has a silk lining-you wouldn't believe the amount of bandwidth that's been expended on debating whether WWII A-2s actually had silk linings or not. I couldn't care less, frankly-I like it, so I got it. Who's to say some guys didn't put silk linings in themselves? (in fact, it's well documented that they did). Only A-2 purists are going to know, and I very much doubt anyone is going to stop me in the street and say 'Oy, that lining's not historically accurate'. Actually I'd be delighted if they did, as I've had very few comments about my jackets (except the B-3-which is getting a bit of wear this week).
On the subject of the blood chit, a lot of guys had it sewn on 3 sides inside and made a handy extra pocket.


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A-2s and blood chits...

Fedora, re: the blood chit. Ken at Aero has a good range of them in raw silk (the US Flag and also the one with the British Burmese Flag). What I did with mine was stained it down abit by leaving it in a baking tray (so it's flat) with strong cold tea in it, just takes the whiteness off it. The other thing I did, and this is optional, is afterwards lay it out flat on a bench, while it is still damp, and scatter some coffee granuales sparingly on parts of it. It gives it that mottled effect that comes with age.

Not sure if this pic captures it fully, but it looks really authentic (which is scary, when one is thinking of getting an original! it's very easy to get conned).

Enjoy your A-2, and pop a few pics in the WWII officer's mess to let the boy's see your piece of hide!

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