Old B-3 Bomber-is it rare/valuable?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Citadella, Oct 12, 2021 at 10:55 PM.

  1. Citadella

    Citadella New in Town

    I just recently found my father’s old B-3 Bomber, claiming it was official US Air Force issue from, I’m presuming, 1978. Incredibly heavy and excellent build quality-super pumped to have it but also a bit worried it’s worth a ton and don’t want to wear it out every day if so. Any chance anyone recoginizes this tag and can say whether it’s just a nice jacket or is a proper vintage find that I’d be nervous wearing regularly? 64F0AE56-331A-4F1F-815D-CFD2882DEE65.jpeg 1DDDEBC5-5D2D-42BF-9FB0-4F62256B1FB5.jpeg
  2. El Marro

    El Marro Call Me a Cab

    That is an Avirex repro B-3 that was probably made sometime in the 1980s. I’m sure it’s a nice warm jacket but it does not have any particular value as a collectors item. You can find them for sale on eBay starting at a few hundred dollars.
    I would say wear it and enjoy it!
  3. Blackadder

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    It is just a civilian replica style piece from Avirex. A practical civilian wear that has an army vibe. Not accurate or faithful reproduction of the original B-3.
    They have stopped issuing B-3 towards the end of WW2. There is also no more United States Army Air Force just the US Air Force after WW2. The last army contract for B-3 I believe is 1944.
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  4. Citadella

    Citadella New in Town

    Brilliant-sorta the best outcome, then: something that I can wear without feeling too guilty! Definitely hella warm and I’m fine with the majority of the value being in sentiment only to me!
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