Pictures of Schott jacket in the Museum of Modern

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    “The 2017 MoMa exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern?, aims to answer that question with 111 of the 20th and 21st century's most ground-breaking pieces of clothing and accessories, on view. From the Birkin bag, the burkini and the beret, to fashion archetypes like the hourglass figure and the badass motorcycle jacket .” I Took a few pictures of the Schott display and included a couple of the Dapper Dan display right next it. Hope you enjoy!
    EEF40E5D-1F0A-488D-9804-12D3D1012078.jpeg 7BBC01BF-331C-40D9-B057-1BFB0832F32C.jpeg 6AA54289-4B94-4B28-83C7-2424C2B4E798.jpeg 406AD2C4-AE7B-4443-8343-B35B9D00EF9A.jpeg 5B7BBC46-8441-4F32-80E1-B8341D05C8B7.jpeg 3D955B0F-17ED-490A-8F75-A90957BAEDE2.jpeg 83C4CB79-A4B0-4AFC-860D-71548DA6007E.jpeg D4402FE6-191A-4C62-8BCA-86EED1ED6FBB.jpeg 1AEAB3AF-B15A-495F-B90A-2B054A26414D.jpeg
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