Schott 613SH source of horsehide

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by regius, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. regius

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    New York
    Just took a stroll on the Schott website. Noticed they now offer a slim fit 613 one star, & a HH version. They say the HH is US sourced, heavy weight 3-3.5oz. Not sure if it’s really a US sourced hide? Their story of all the other jackets that are HH are made of Italian HH, & I found out from which tannery. So I’m curious what this US HH feels like.

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  2. dannyk

    dannyk Practically Family

    It is noticeably thicker than their standard stuff but it is not super heavy, it’s not a suit or armor, it doesn’t feel like a Horween 3.5oz. So all that is to say I have no idea haha. It’s definitely different than their regular HH, but it’s not Horween. Off the top of my head I can’t recall but I know there’s a fairly used tannery in Arizona that a lot of boot makers use. Maybe they do it?

    TREEMAN One Too Many

    Schott's definition of heavyweight is not what most leather jacket enthusiast consider heavyweight. Also the 3-3.5 oz is suspicious.........Most of the jackets I've handled seemed like they were less than 3oz. Getting a jacket that's all 3.5 oz would be highly un-likely..........
  4. dannyk

    dannyk Practically Family

    The one I owned was certainly thicker throughout at what I would think is 3.5 if I had to wager. But you are right about them having a different definition of heavyweight. As the actual weight difference was negligible and like I said it’s no armor. I did a side by side comparison of my 618hh and 613SH and the pictures of all points did show it was noticeably thicker. But what that means again I’m not so sure. As the weight was not much different, it wasn’t super sturdy, it wasn’t LW or Vanson comparable. The cut is great and it looks jet black and creases super nice. But calling it heavyweight even if it is 3.5oz is not accurate.
  5. GW KY

    GW KY One of the Regulars

    The p623h I just received is horween fqhh, and some of the thickest hide I have come across.
    But this clearly states it, and is a one off type jacket.
  6. JMax

    JMax One Too Many

    The Schott Legendary HH I own is deceptively heavy. It feels lighter but when I put it on my scale was up there with my heavier LW, Vanson and Cals. But to the hand I would have guessed much lighter.

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