sensory friendly vintage reproductions?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by merryrogue, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. merryrogue

    merryrogue New in Town

    new hampshire
    I’ve got an unusual question for the room. can anyone suggest companies or brands that make comfortable vintage reproductions? ideally ones that look decent as you get into larger sizes. I have sensory issues with some tags and unfinished seams, and I hate sleeves that are tight around the shoulder.

    I can sew quite well, but the hurdle of “I’m going to make my entire vintage style wardrobe myself up to my sky high standards” is a bit much. I’d like to be able to buy some pieces too.
  2. The1940sHousewife

    The1940sHousewife New in Town

    I'm not a big size, but I've had luck with the brand House of Foxy. There quality is top notch and very authentic to the era you're looking for. They are very expensive and are based in England, but I'd rather pay extra money for top notch quality. I've bought a dress a from them for a wedding and I pretty much out shined the bride. I got so many complements on it that night and she had over 500 people attend.
    You can also find people who make reproduction clothing on Etsy. You just have to check their reviews.
  3. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage Practically Family

    Check out Shop National the've been around since the 1950s and they have great classic styled and they are geared to the older clientele (I'm 45 years old). I've been buying from this company for 10+ years and never had any issues with their clothing, only their undies are not the greatest. The clothing is very affordable too, there is always a sale going on and they have petite sizes too. Poor Converters
  4. Aerielle Max

    Aerielle Max New in Town

    I super love wearing vintage they a look good to me
  5. Oversidor

    Oversidor New in Town

    Vintage is wow! It never fades and looks classy, love it!

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