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I'll Lock Up
Alamo Heights ☀️ Texas
HD...I need to google “dremel ” & learn more about what tools I need.

My one & only attempt was about 20 years ago.
I found an old brick that was a block from the actual place.

I used an old swiss knife & it was ok on the large parts that I cut out,
but the small details I just couldn’t do it .
I didn’t prepare a drawing to go by...I just cut away until it looked like what I
wanted it to look like.

Take a guess of what it is I was trying to create!

Do you “Remember” ? ha-ha-ha! :D
East Central Indiana
Thanks HD... an encouraging word , never gets old!

When in my high school years, many,many moons ago.
Took an art class.
The assignment : draw the body in motion.

I was a skinny kid & I had sent 10¢ for my copy of Charles Atlas &
his "Dynamic Tension” body-building course.
In just 3 months I could go on the beach & kick sand on the big bully.

Anyway I did get to know the different muscles & how they related
to each other.

So I did a drawing of several basketball players, all reaching out
with outstretched arms towards the basketball. It was in pencil .

******* The art teacher told me, “ that’s splendid young man,
but next time don’t copy from a magazine, be creative on
your own."

There was no way he would believe that I didn’t copy the drawing.
I was sad,
but then, I looked at it as a compliment....sort of. ********

And I never developed that muscular body or kicked sand.

There was no beaches where I lived anyway. :D

I'd sure take that as a compliment..!! I found early on that most artists are sensitive (like me) but must develop a thick skin to always continue to progress. There are always critics who may tend to overlook talent or the hard work involved. Art is a process of copying....scenes...people...any object. Everyone has their own style of doing it...but.. that's what they are doing, AND not everyone is successful at it...!!

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