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Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Canadian, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Canadian

    Canadian One of the Regulars

    Alberta, Canada

    I'm a non drinker, but I like having booze on hand in case I receive guests.

    So I'll be putting together a bar cart. Imagine setting up a cart of your own, what would you stock. I don't really know much about GE drinks, can anybody add some expertise and some suggestions.

    What should I stock it with. Stuff my friends enjoy (I'm not buying brandy or tequila for example). While I would have Irish Cream, I wouldn't for example have Hypnotiq. Too trendy and it's kind of posh.

    I'll start with Scotch. Probably a bottle of Glenfiddich 12yo and maybe 15yo. Depends on sales at the liquor store. Also Glenlivet 12yo and some kind of blend (probably Grants). So that's at least 4 bottles. Let's assume this cart holds 10 bottles on the top and the tray below holds another 10. It's a big tray (I'd probably have to repurpose something else).

    Canadian whiskey would be Crown Royal, Alberta Premium and Canadian Club. All fairly cheap, but unless you go into it in detail, those three are all you need. Crown for drinking neat, AP for mixed drinks and CC for when you're making specialized drinks.

    Irish whiskey, probably Jameson's. I don't know anything about Irish whiskey, but we drink a little bit at lodge.

    Bourbon, Makers. Again, not an expert, but it seems decent price wise. Not the cheapest, but pretty close.

    Vodka. Grey Goose, Stoli.

    Gin. Gordon's Pink, Bombay Sapphire.

    Rum. Lambs navy dark. Bacardi white.

    Other:. Triple Sec, Cherry Whiskey. Probably Creme de Menthe. Also Baileys.

    Keep in mind there are beer and champagne in the fridge.

    Am I missing anything? I think the total cost would be under 300.

  2. TheOldFashioned

    TheOldFashioned Practically Family

    The Great Lakes
    Where are you buying (20) bottles, I'm assuming fifths, of alcohol for $300? And if that's Canadian dollars that's ~$225 USD. Man, hook me up with your supplier! :)
  3. Canadian

    Canadian One of the Regulars

    Alberta, Canada
    I should have noted, I have several bottles in my possession already.

    So it would cost me 300 to buy stuff I didn't have.

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