The Black Museum and the real artifacts that inspired it

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    The Black Museum was a radio program, hosted by and starring Orson Welles, in 1951. Each episode began with the familiar bell chimes, then continuing with Mr. Welles' introduction to different objects of the Black Museum. Surprisingly, and typical of Orson Welles, many of the objects and their stories featured in the radio program were based on REAL LIFE objects in the real Black Museum, the Metropolitan Police Crime Museum in Scotland Yards in London, England.

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    "Walking through the museum, Welles would pause at one of the exhibits, and his description of an artifact served as a device to lead into a tale of terror or a brutal murder. In the weekly closing, Welles concluded with his signature radio phrase, "I remain, as always, obediently yours"."

    Here's little history of the real "Black Museum"

    Any words on the program and what inspired it?
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    Black Museum

    I caught a few episodes on rebroadcast, but no particular show
    comes immediately to mind. Welles is rightly remembered as enfant
    terrible genius and all that, give him his due; yet he seemed to have
    evolved as a parody of his younger self, collapsing within his unique
    persona, a reclusive fragile talent that fell victim to innate doubt
    and despair, a magician left at act's end with an empty bag of tricks.

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