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The Flat Head for Posterity


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It depends on what you mean by bargain. I was offered a 10% discount when I sort of frown after learning that there is no tax refund at a shop (could that be counted as automatically, don't know). My fd and I have managed to talk RM owner's son into giving us a further discount on already 50% off items. If you offer to pay cash, some stores may give a small discount. This still works as they are mostly brick and mortar shops.
You usually don't ask straight up about discount. Get friendly and make conversation before asking. My fd got a small discount at Barnstomer. He had exchanged email with the owner before we arrived at Tokyo. Sometimes you get a token gift like OP. We got denim calenders, stickers and badges from shops like Lee, Schott, Dry Bones etc. We were given some Lightning magazines at RM stores.
And people do bargain at the many vintage stores. I have seen a customer getting a deal on a 50s vintage Lee Stormrider. My experience is that you do not do that in one of those stores which flip limited edition NOS sneakers.

Being A brick and mortar shop is a very good point. Other than doing a business,they see themselves as an artisan too crafting creations lost over time. Taking pride in their products and coming across supporters appreciating their craft, they could reciprocate with discounts and free gifts.

Was given a small tote but that’s basically the store’s promotion at that time. As I was dealing with the store manager who is most likely an employee there, I doubt he has that much flexibility to discounts or gifts. We’ve gotten really friendly to the extent that he was askIng for my instagram so I guess he would had given whatever he could have offered.


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Someone fired this thread back up…

The Flat Head Delraiser; these guys make some amazing stuff. This season was a stellar one. I grabbed up two of their flannels, but hesitated on their black corduroy trucker and missed out!

Note: When it comes to TFH… Don’t hesitate!


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I swear half my closet is TFH now. The deals were too good on Y! auctions during covid/TFH going out of business.

I swear everytime I wear this short sleeve flannel out someone compliments it. Kind of wish they made it in more colorways (only other is standard red/black afaik)


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Something that I’d like to ask, especially to those that owns a TFH’s jacket that’s of tea core Shinki HH. Would you be able to share some pics of your jacket after a period pdf wear ? I’m really curious to see how the jacket’s patina would be like after tea core surface from wear.

It’d be nice to see jacket pics like how some share their selvage jeans at diff stages of wear. How the fades set in from regular wear.

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