The "Indy" Comebacks...

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by shamus, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    Had he worn his whip, things mightve gone differently....
  2. LadyPowers

    LadyPowers Familiar Face

    Bay Area
    Free association causes people to draw strange conclusions of who I am due to the fedora. I get the Indy comment from my Dad, and several other people. A stranger once told me that I looked like a gumshoe with my fedora and trench. The comments vary. I am normally told that I look good. Several people have told me that I dress like their mom or grandmother with the clothing, hat, and gloves. I am not styling myself after any particular icon.

    I thank the person if they compliment me, and ignore the negative. One day, I got 4 Indy comments in a hour. I told the last person I wasn't Indy even though I had on a brown Dobbs Twenty fedora, brown leather jacket, khaki pants but Lara Croft (female, long braid down back). After the Lara Croft response that person stopped bothering me. Cool!


    Lady Powers
  3. The Wolf

    The Wolf Call Me a Cab

    Santa Rosa, Calif
    There are a lot of fools in this world

    I think Marcus Aurelius said that there are fools and boors in this world. He felt that when you feel offended by one of them you should blame yourself. What's surprising about a boor being boorish or a fool acting foolish. We can only blame ourselves for expecting them to act otherwise.

    The Wolf
  4. Rigby Reardon

    Rigby Reardon One of the Regulars

    Near the QM
    So, then, Mr. Wolf, Aurelius meant that fools and boors can be a mirror to our own insecurities? Interesting.

    (That reminds me, I did COMPLETELY IGNORE something someone said to me once by very leaning very close to his face, then checking my teeth in the reflection of his sunglasses... ;))
  5. Lincsong

    Lincsong I'll Lock Up

    Shining City on a hill
    A hired gun

    Some of the oddest comments I get when I wear a hat and suit is people saying that I look like a mob hitman. So I play them like a fiddle and say; "good thing I'm not because we wouldn' want to have any witnesses". :cool2:
  6. K.D. Lightner

    K.D. Lightner Call Me a Cab

    Des Moines, IA
    When someone asked me who I was supposed to be (while I was wearing my black Stetson cowboy hat with the rhinestone hat band), I said "I am supposed to be me, myself, and, right now, I am a Rhinestone Cowgirl."

  7. maintcoder

    maintcoder A-List Customer

    Since I wear a suit and tie everyday coupled with an overcoat and hat, I get the "You look like you just stepped out of a movie from the 40's" comment or some variant thereof.

    I generally just smile and say thanks, tip my hat if it is a lady, and move on about my business. :)
  8. J. M. Stovall

    J. M. Stovall Call Me a Cab

    I'm a "brim up all the time" guy (unless it's really windy), and I don't think I've every gotten anything but compliments. Although it is fun to see the little kiddo's stare, they don't know what to think.
  9. shamus

    shamus Suspended

    LA, CA
    you know I saw this exact question posed to a popular magazine this month.
    I forget what advice they offered.
  10. Sergei

    Sergei Gone Home

    Southern Belarus
    To diffuse I respond with the following expression:

    And then I whistle Bernard Hermann's, "Twisted Nerve" from "Kill Bill". Instantaneous, disarming... Of course you need to see Kill Bill to understand the tune and the context. .:cool2:
  11. Barry

    Barry Practically Family

    I wore my new Art Fawcett "Cheyenne" to dinner tonight. On the cab ride home we were stopped at a light...all the sudden I hear someone on the street yelling "Hey you! In the taxi!! Hey John Gotti!! John Gotti!!" It was two homeless men who seemed to get a kick out of the fact I was wearing this hat. I almost started laughing myself because they were hooting and hollering about it so much. I really had to bite my tounge.

  12. RedPop4

    RedPop4 One Too Many

    Metropolitan New Orleans
    I've only got complements recently. Here at home and at work, three or four complements. Same on the Disney cruise last week, and I had JUST bought a real Indy for me and my boys just outside the Indy show at DisneyMGM Studios.

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