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What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?


I'll Lock Up
South Dakota
Recent hats this week — Falcon Park Lawless, undyed natural that I made, Buckaroo Hatters whisky derby; and my self made charcoal western.


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Thank you Stefan. Have you ever been told that the bad guys wear black hats and the good guys wear white? It goes back to the pre-colour film days when black and white film was the only type of film available. A lady, a very elderly lady, at church reminded me of that today. But she still admired my hat, telling me that every gentleman once wore a hat, and not just on Sundays. Gentleman, eh? Me, a gentleman! Best keep my erudite dictionary of profanities a secret.
O yes, and the bad guys would always wear their neckerchiefs with the knot in the back to quickly cover their face, while the good guys wore the knot in front, because they didn't have to cover theirs. Seems like even church ladies like a bad boy though;)

Making its debut on this thread, I present the Borsalino Debrosan Bismuto.
I’ve been itching to wear this one since I purchased it from Stefan during the Summer. This is the thinnest felt I own. I love everything about it, the felt, the ribbon, the colour, the shape, the brim stitching, and the fit.
Shopping during the day…
View attachment 554363
In direct sunlight… View attachment 554364
I didn’t want to take it off, so it was the same hat when we went for dinner… View attachment 554365 View attachment 554366
Etsuko wore a Maxim.
View attachment 554372
Some more of the Borsalino. Stefan informs me that the label was used between ‘54 and ‘60. View attachment 554367 View attachment 554368 View attachment 554369 View attachment 554370 View attachment 554371
@steur, if you come across another like this, you can put me down for it. I don’t really have room for it, but I’ll find a way to make room.
Noted, Gary. :) I'm sure some other members here would make room for one of those as well. Borsalino at its finest.

Thank you, gentlemen and friends. My "hat followers" at church gravitate toward light colored felts as their favorites. But, I'm to the point now that more than a couple of Sundays without a wearing a bowler and someone will remind me!
Church ladies seem to swoon when there's a hatted gentleman around; who knew?

Dang, that's a nice hat. Good to see it out and about, Jonathan.
I’ve mostly been wearing the Royal Deluxe Open Road this weekend. Just getting back home after some lovely family time.

Have a safe start to the work week friends.

View attachment 554408

Very nice, Nathan. Easy to like hats.
Looking good, Gary.

A Stefan Special...sounds like a great name for a hat!
But would it sell?!
Rockel "Velour", possibly 1930s. High quality metal gray Real Velour with high gloss. One of my better recent finds but I had to wait for cool temperatures to give it a spin.







"Echter Rockel Hut" Rockel Alsfeld, Kraemer & Van Elsberg, G.M.B.H. Köln display placard probably late 1920s or 1930s.


Fantastic, Steve. Glad we have some cool weather again!

Traveling this week.. Hat selection is limited. Mostly to the one on my head. The Mallory Ten

View attachment 554836

Speaking of Smokey Bear…….

View attachment 554837
Excellent hat, Joe. Love the way it creases.

Same Tirard Ragondia as yesterday, but with the brim up for a change.
View attachment 554948
I think I like it better this way. We need more black hats.
Recent hats this week — Falcon Park Lawless, undyed natural that I made, Buckaroo Hatters whisky derby; and my self made charcoal western.
Fantastic line-up!
Greeting all:
Today….Churchill Beaver “50”.
That’s some thin felt there!!
One of my most favorite creases.
The modified brick, dogbone, cattleman. Not my design.
Be well and safe.
Bowen View attachment 555080 View attachment 555081 View attachment 555082 View attachment 555083
Oooh, that's bringing out the big guns!

My 1940's Stetson 3X that arrived earlier today.
Magnificent hat, Mike.
View attachment 555202
Stetson Sovereign, what's that white spot on my lapel? I hope it's not bird poop!

Superb top to bottom, Robert.

Knox always looks good. Very nice, David.

Same comment as above. Just insert "Nathan" for "David";)

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