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Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Trenchfriend, May 19, 2020.

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    We got the:

    -1981 cinema cut (149 min)
    -1985 uncut TV series (282 min)
    -1997 Director's Cut (208 min)

    Now, I know all three version.
    I still got the 1981 cinema cut on self-recorded VHS and now the 1985 uncut TV series on DVD, too!

    I had the Director's Cut on self-recorded VHS, too. The DC is mentioned to have the best brilliant picture and tone until today. I can confirm the excellent picture. TOO good for my taste, even on VHS.

    But, all I can say about the TV series DVD is, that the remastered picture and tone are excellent on my CRT-TV, too!
    The uncut TV series shows the real anti-war movie.

    Cinema cut and Director's Cut are still U-boat action-movies. DC is just the extended cinema cut. I prefer the 1981 cinema cut, especially with the darker VHS patina. ;)

    But the uncut TV series is just the REAL thing, period! I absolutely prefer this version.

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    I prefer the uncut version to the director's cut.

    Also, a good book to understand more about this movie is "Wolf" by Jordan Vause. There is a chapter about the image of the U Boat with regards to Buchheim and the movie (ch. 7 "Fighting for an Image"). I also recommend reading "Count Not the Dead" by Michael Hadley which also covers the matter (ch. 5 "Revising the Past: The Buchheim Wave, 1973 - 88).
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