One Tier Above Carhartt Jackets?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by OneEyeMan, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. OneEyeMan

    OneEyeMan Practically Family

    United States
    Currently looking to get a general purpose do everything, I don't care if it gets beat up winter jacket. The Carhart Detroit blanklet lined Sandstone jacket is at the top of the list. Anything else I should consider of equal or slightly better quality that doesn't cost too much more?
    Thanks all.
  2. TunedVWGti

    TunedVWGti One of the Regulars

    I think the Kuhl line of jackets are pretty solid. They tend to be more form fitting but still allow for good range of motion. Materials are solid. Patagonia makes an "Iron Forge" line of workwear that are really nice and sturdy. They are more loose fitting.
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  3. Stlawrence

    Stlawrence New in Town


    Might as well have the best.
  4. OneEyeMan

    OneEyeMan Practically Family

    United States
    I've got lots of Filson.
    The one Filson jacket I had that's comparable to the Carhartt Detroit, which I just purchased, had the tiniest openings around the wrist. I couldn't comfortably snap them closed to keep the wind out. Sold it. For $79, the Carhartt ticks all the right boxes. It fits and looks great. Quality isn't that far off the Filson that I sold. And I don't mind it getting dirty for the price.
    I'm definitely a Carhartt convert.

  5. GregO

    GregO One of the Regulars

    Honestly, for what it is, the Detroit is hard to beat for the price. I've had similar jackets that I liked a little more, but they cost 4 or 5 times as much. Just get the Detroit.
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  6. tnjyoung

    tnjyoung A-List Customer

    I have one exactly like this. Literally one of the most comfortable, best-looking, durable, and warmest jackets that I own.

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  7. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    I've owned some Filson - I don't think they do anything that looks as cool as the Detroit. I have not been especially excited by Filson's style to be honest but I know there are fervent fans.
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  8. pak

    pak One of the Regulars

    I spent a career in Carhartts and I also own plenty of Filson. Both being made of cotton they will wear to the point of being non repairable. Filson is just too expensive to wear in an environment that requires frequent replacement of clothing. A single item of Filson may out last a comparable item of Carhartt but for the cost of Filson one can buy several of Carhartts. If you buy seconds in Carhartt your price savings are compounded. I like them both but each has it's place.
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  9. Woodtroll

    Woodtroll Practically Family

    Mtns. of SW Virginia
    That has been my experience, as well. I worked for over 25 years in the construction industry, outdoors in all weather, and the Carhartt jackets and coats, while not indestructible, provided excellent service for their cost. They're pretty much all I wore as an outer layer, and I still wear Carhartt even now that I'm not working construction. I really like their vests too, and a huge bonus for me is that they make their stuff in tall sizes. If my flank/kidney areas get cold, then I'm done, and it's tough to find good outerwear for long torsos.

    I do have one Filson wool vest, bought second-hand, that I love. But I do not think they are worth the price new, especially if it were a workwear item that I considered "disposable".

    As Pak points out, the seconds are great values for workwear, as the "flaw" is usually just a crooked stitch or some such. Sierra Trading Post usually stocks great deals on Carhartt seconds.

    Good luck,
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  10. guygardner

    guygardner A-List Customer

    I have this exact Jacket in the exact same color combination. I'm not a fan of the chest tag so I removed it with a seam ripper right after I bought it. Great jacket, especially for the price. I'm a size 38 but still found the size small to be too large. After being thrown in the dryer it shrank down to a perfect fit. The care tag mentions tumble drying so maybe they're meant to be machine dried for a good fit?
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  11. bobm

    bobm A-List Customer

    Glen Ridge, NJ
    Take a look at the offerings from Duluth Trading Company.

    I have found that they offer solid, well tested clothing for people who actually use them for work, not style. I have lots of Filson items - jackets, vests, sweaters, shirts, etc and do like their clothes - especially those still made in the USA. Filson has the retro look down pat and still have some items that will last generations. But if I needed clothes to actually work in, I'd get Duluth, hands down.
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  12. Retromoto

    Retromoto One of the Regulars

    I've wore (3) different Carhartt Detroit jackets and like them all. I currently wear a 2014 Commemorative that's made in USA, solid jacket that fits right, is durable and after (4) years is just getting broke in. That said, I feel non-USA made items don't have the same feel or fit.

    If I was looking for a comparable item, check out "UnionLine", Made in USA, same feel to the duck canvas material and fasteners and fit appears to be very close to Carhartt. Also a bargain, price wise.

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