Sport coat and jeans??

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Mr_D., Aug 21, 2010.

Sport coat with jeans

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  1. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Meh, if "vintage" is your criteria, both of those were around by the forties... (jeans much longer).

    Heh. I've always found the watchwords to be "machine washable" when it comes to white garments.... Certainly whomever invented cricket whites didn't do their own laundry!


    That's mostly how I see it done - it's a very popular look among the more vintage-wear oriented hipsters here in the UK, especially in creative industries like advertising. Not my thing, but a lot of them do it with great confidence.

    Heh, I've long dreamed of trousers like that!

    Oh, I have a piar of ruby red cords I just adore with a great tweed jacket...
  2. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast

    New York City
    This is very helpful (to me) as I thought tweed was a weave that resulted in a rough finish - as I know the jacket I bought was described as a silk-linen "tweed." Of course, I understand that manufacturers say anything they think will sell, but I bought it cause I like the light fabrics and the rough finish - whether it is "tweed" or not didn't mean anything to me.

    So tweed is the the wool fabric that is prepared in a way - "non-combed -" that produces the rough finish, but to be tweed it has to be a type of wool prepared in a specific way?
  3. Dirk Wainscotting

    Dirk Wainscotting A-List Customer

    The thing is 'tweed' has rapidly become a word used to describe any 'fuzzy-looking wool cloth' and sometimes it isn't even wool, or a natural fibre at all! When I'm at cloth markets, rather than the specialist merchants, it's common to be offered flannel, or even knitted cloth, marked as "tweed". The name has prestige.
  4. Benproof

    Benproof A-List Customer

    I must be way below average. I can't find any linen which is 'machine washable'. Most state: this garment will bleed profusely with wear so do not wear with whites. Wash sparingly, never soak. Dry clean only at your peril. Hand wash at your peril. Machine wash and expect disintegration.

    Any particularly good linen labels other than Inis Meain?
  5. Dirk Wainscotting

    Dirk Wainscotting A-List Customer

    M&S sell good ready-to-wear linen trousers. You can wash linen without problems (hand-wash even better). It's hardy cloth.
    Wearing pure white is never going to easy. There's no magic solution to avoiding stains and marks in wear, but washing properly shouldn't produce problems. Yellowing of whites is often a result of soap not being rinsed out before drying, or over-bleaching with chlorine (which is a gamble).

    Linen jackets, unlined and with minimal structure, can be washed. The dry clean instructions are put there because manufacturers want to try and eliminate the number of cases where people wash things, wreck them and then lodge a complaint asking for their money back.
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  6. Bushman

    Bushman My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I can vouch for this. I have a "fuzzy-looking wool cloth" flat cap that I enjoy wearing in the summer because it's cotton and I enjoy how it looks. However, try explaining that to my aunt who insists it's a winter hat simply because it's fuzzy.
  7. earl

    earl One of the Regulars

    Kansas, USA
    Typically I haven't been a fan of the sport coat and jeans look. But, I retired earlier this year and really wanted to still get use out of my 2 camel hair jackets, a camel and a charcoal gray colored one, and a Harris tweed. So, have taken to wearing them with jeans and their look has grown on me. Will say still that I only like the look if the jacket is heavier weight such as the ones I have and have a "rougher" looking texture.
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  8. Chris_dash

    Chris_dash New in Town

    I think when going with jeans you should check out some good pairs of shoes to compliment the stuff!
  9. belfastboy

    belfastboy I'll Lock Up

    vancouver, canada
    Yes, my go to 'uniform' is a tweed, cashmere or navy blazer, jeans, oxford cloth button down shirt and a great pair of shoes or boots. This is my 'dressed up look'
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  10. SinSir

    SinSir A-List Customer

    I didn't read the whoe thread, but I wear dark denim and a sport coat all the time. Typically paired with a nice button down and dress boots. Its my go to looking sharp but not over or underdressed. I regularly get compliments in a variety of settings. If it's put together right I'd choose jeans over pants 9 out if 10 times. If I'm going to wear pants and a sport coat I choose a suit in most situations. It feels more complete.

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