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Wested Leather Jackets (non-Indy styles)


New in Town
All right, so I ordered a custom Wested Raiders jacket in goat last month and have been wearing it almost every day since I received it two weeks ago (yes, I live in a desert and no, I don’t care that it’s too hot to wear it lol).
I’ll make another post in the future showing how the jacket looms after a month or so of wearing it.

However, I’ve now been bitten by the custom-clothing-bug and now I feel the inclination to order another custom leather jacket from Wested since I’m really pleased with my Indy jacket’s quality. I’ve been thinking about ordering the Kingsman Whiskey jacket (attached image) in brown cowhide as a fall/winter jacket since my Indy is a spring/summer jacket.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any reviews on this specific jacket aside from a picture-less review on the off-the-rack-version which isn’t the most helpful. I’m curious if any of you guys here at Fedora Lounge have had experiences with Wested’s non-Indy jackets; anything would be helpful.

I’m most concerned with fit: my Raiders is a 38 and fits a little snug, which is fine considering the elasticity of goatskin and the fact that I wanted a more modern look for the jacket. But I’m wondering if the Whiskey jacket is more slim fitting or a box fit like the Indy jackets.

Any information helps. Thanks, in advance, guys!


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Call Me a Cab
I like my Wested Indy jacket very much, but I don’t know that I’d recommend them for other stuff.

That said, they describe it as a ‘slim’ and ‘boxy’ jacket so I’d assume that’s what it is.

I’d suggest though that you check out something like an Aero apprentice jacket instead if you want to stay at a low price point, or a jacket from the classifieds here.

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