What bathrobe are you wearing today?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by SteveFord, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. SteveFord

    SteveFord A-List Customer

    A very stylish, well made Jockey courtesy of our friends up in Canada.
    Of fairly recent vintage but it retains the classic lines of the bathrobes of yore.
    I don't mean to brag but this might be the ultimate in quarantine garb.
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  2. zebedee

    zebedee One Too Many

    Bristol, UK
    I wear a smoking jacket. Like Noel Coward.
  3. Worf

    Worf I'll Lock Up

    Troy, New York, USA
    None... Buck nekid or clothes... nuthin' in-between.

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  4. Monitor


    Never wear one. Jeans until the moment it's time to hit the sack.
    Ditto. Straight outta jeans to bed.
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  5. Edward Reed

    Edward Reed One of the Regulars

    Aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress
    I was given one years ago. a really nice heavy one from a defunct massage business. Terry cloth I think. very heavy, high quality. I put it on thinking it would be great. I was miserable in it. it felt like I was tangled up in a heavy blanket and it was clumsy and I about tripped and fell trying to get up from the couch to get a drink. :p I just wear sweatpants when its cold.
  6. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    New Forest
    Brag away, it's a fabulous colour and well worth bragging about. Getting a good price for our London home allowed us to indulge in a much larger detached home. All well and good, until you see the winter's utility bills. My missus suggested that we turn the central heating down a notch or two. "You don't have to be cold," she reasoned, "I will make us a dressing gown apiece," and she did. The dressing gown is the forerunner of the bathrobe, she found a vintage pattern at a festival and made this heavy duty dressing gown. It has no fixings as in buttons or press studs, it ties inside similar to a double breasted coat and outside using a belt. The belt was originally a cord affair that matched the piping around the cuffs and pockets, but it would never stay fastened so she made a material belt from the off-cuts. The fabric is heavy duty and can only be dry cleaned, who cares, when it keep me as warm as toast.
    dressing gown 005.JPG dressing gown 003.JPG dressing gown 002.JPG
    My missus was right about the heating too, our bills have all but halved now that we have set the central heating lower.

    The dressing gown isn't practical for bathtime, whether that's an evening soak or the morning shower, for that she made me a towelling bathrobe. This doesn't have an internal tie, the outer belt, being made of towelling, never slips loose, but even so, I wouldn't open the entrance door wearing it. In the winter months I will wear the dressing gown around the house if the temperature drops but in the warmer months I only use the bathrobe at bathtime.
    dressing gown 004.JPG
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  7. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Yep - haven't owned a bathrobe or pajamas since I was small. Also no fitness wear or sporting gear. If I had to follow quarantine I would wear jeans.

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