What makes a Lady?

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by PrettySquareGal, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. whistlebait

    whistlebait One of the Regulars

    Totally agree, need to work on that myself. I realize how unbecoming it is, but I think part of it is how you are raised, what you are around. Adapting to your environment. :)

    And I am always amused by what people are willing to discuss in my presence, though I am not offended by much either.
  2. Jessica

    Jessica One of the Regulars

    I think a lady should pay attention to her appearance, know how to cook a great meal, mix a fantastic drink, and be able to participate in an intelligent conversation. (Of course there are many, many other things that make a lady a lady.)
  3. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal I'll Lock Up

    New England
    OK, my turn!

    I think a lady is a woman who realizes that it is a gift, and not a curse, to be sensitive. She favors accents and elegance over garish displays. She isn't afraid of her power, and knows that confidence is not arrogance. She won't dumb herself down around a man, but will also not boast. On the other hand, she sees nothing wrong with taking pride in her accomplishments which hopefully are academic, social, or career-related, not just winning unofficial beauty contests. A lady treats everyone respectfully, including herself, but is not afraid to be bold. If she's not a good cook she'll buy a cookbook or order in. She values women's rights to choose the life they want to live, whether it's at home raising kids or out in the workforce.

    I know some may disagree with me on this one: She will say she is a feminist, even if she stays home with her kids, because she knows that the original suffragettes fought hard for her right to have an equal vote and make choices.

    A lady, ok, this lady, on occasion, will use profanity while driving.:rolleyes:
  4. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

    To quote Greta Garbo, "There is no one who would have me...I can't cook."

    I totaly disqualify as a lady.......

  5. LaMedicine

    LaMedicine One Too Many

    You're my gal...er, lady!:) Down to the very last line;)
  6. cneil

    cneil Familiar Face

    Bakersfield, California
    Robert Burns Supper.

    Robert Burns Suppers

    Is a Celebration held in place all around the World on or near the Scottish Poets Birthday near the end of January.

    For example, the one here sponsored by the Kern County Scottish Society.
    Bakersfield, Ca. January 28th at 6PM
    If you would like to go drop me a line.

    It is usually the most formal event in the social calendar in most communities.
    The Gentlemen in their Kilts or Trues and Dress Prince Charley Jackets
    And the Ladies in Long formal dress.

    The main dish is the Haggis, witch is brought out with great funfair and ceremony.
    A Toast to the Haggis is said.

    There is also a toast to the Ladies and a Toast to the Gents.

    Burns Poems are read and entertainment is provides and a little Scottish country dancing after.

    Fine Evening, and one rally must toast the Haggis at least once a year.
  7. cneil

    cneil Familiar Face

    Bakersfield, California
    What makes Ladies and Gentlemen

    What the two threads on Ladies and Gentlemen Show is that this is a place filled with Extraordinary people.

    There are a lot of Ladies and Gentlemen in this place and I am horned to be around you.

    To be a Ladies or a Gentlemen is a since of self, how you behave and how you treat others.
    It should be with Grace and Kindness.

    Many other traits have been associated with this, many also good, but are not required.
    For example, some one here wrote a Lady should be able to cook and mix a good drink.
    I will state, that while that is all well and good, a nice trait to have, it is not specific to being a Lady. I have know one Lady witch no one would question or disagree that she is a Lady, but she can not cook, Her mom is a Great cook, but she can not.
    ( It may have been the witty conversation while I was setting across the Kitchen Island) But she burned Soup!

    She can not cook, but she is still a Great Lady.

    I target shoot some time but I do not hunt, and I still like to believe myself to be a Gentlemen.
    I do not consider Hunting to be part of being a Gentleman. It was a sport the Nobility, who always styled themselves Gentlemen rather they where in fact or not who associated the sport of hunting with being a Gentlemen.

    So I believe it is all how you behave.
  8. Tin Pan Sally

    Tin Pan Sally Registered User

    Ahwatukee, Arizona, USA
    Me Lady

    A true lady would probably manage her estate and have a chef do that tedious task of cooking.

    I'm guilty of swearing in traffic too ;)

    As mentioned, at the Burns Supper men and women toast each other with tongue-in-cheek insults. It's very fun. Haggis is actually supposed to be a Norman(?) dish that was adapted by the Scottish. I'd be glad to wash my hands of the stuff.
  9. cneil

    cneil Familiar Face

    Bakersfield, California
    No mam, because I am a gentleman

    I am Re-posting this from someone I know on another Web site. I thoght it fite so well in to what is being discused on this threade.
    Scranton, PA

    " I appreciate people who can enjoy and appreciate both of these aspects of life - social and spiritual. I also like to be the lady God intended me to be and in so being, offering men around me the opportunity to be the real gentlemen they are supposed to be. I so often see how girls take this opportunity away from men; if there is a gentleman around, the girl won't accept his offer as such. I once heard the story of a gentleman I knew. One day, he went to open a door for a woman in a public building and she turnend to him asking kind of rudely "Are you doing that because I am a woman!?" He responded "No mam, because I am a gentleman". Perfect. She didn't want to accept his gesture, but he was the true gentleman and she was NOT a lady"
  10. Colonel

    Colonel One of the Regulars

    Excellent post, sir! Thanks for adding it to the discussion for those of us who would have missed it otherwise.

    Good day and God Bless.

  11. indyjim

    indyjim Familiar Face

    I certainly agree with the qualities that have been listed in the previous posts,
    about what makes a lady. But two things that, in my book, DON'T make a lady
    are tattoos and anything pierced, other than her ears. I find pierced tongues particulary repulsive. Personally, I think that goes for a "gentleman" as well. My lady has neither tattoos or piercings, (except pierced ears) and she has told me how much the same would offend her. So I don't have any!
  12. cneil

    cneil Familiar Face

    Bakersfield, California
    tattoos or piercings

    DITTO to that.
    It is really just the Scolial Norms or Violation There of, But I really do not like tattoos or piercings, (except pierced ears for the Lady's).
    That is A person could in theory have Tattoos ond Piersing in the wrong spots and still be a Lady or a Gentelmen. But it is most un-likely.
    For those acts are a insults to the very standrds which a Lady or a Gentelmen holds.
  13. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    So.... it follows that...

    Lady Randolph Churchill, Tattoo-sporting mother of Sir Winston, was not a lady?
  14. cneil

    cneil Familiar Face

    Bakersfield, California
    Lady Randolph Churchill

    I did not say could not, I said most likely not.( My exact wording being "But it is most un-likely.")
    Lady Randolph Churchill, in later years became a big influence in winston'slife and a very early promoter of his carear.
    But early in his life she very badly ignored him.
    So was she always a lady, or did she grow into the part that society offerd her because of a good mariage?

    Winston idolised his mother and need her attention, to bad he did not really get it till he enterd Sandhurst.
  15. indyjim

    indyjim Familiar Face

    No, she or any one else with the aforementioned tats or piercings could be a lady, just not in my book. Its just not something that appeals to me. I'm not judging anyone. If that's what you want, by all means go for it. But honestly, I've been waited on in stores by young women who have pierced tongues, and I don't particulary find that silver post flapping around in there, every time they speak, all that attractive. And why you would want to talk like you have a speech impediment, I'll never understand.
  16. LaMedicine

    LaMedicine One Too Many

    Arrrrg! I internally cringe (though I keep a straight face) when I say "Open your mouth, please, so I can see your throat" and see one of those things.

    Oh, yes, on another count, I'm guilty of muttering some unlady-like words under my breath when my best tennis shot misses...I hope no one has heard me;)
  17. MudInYerEye

    MudInYerEye Practically Family

    Actually, following IndyJim's line of reasoning, nor would Winston Churchill be considered a gent (small anchor on forarm), or for that matter Franklin D. Rossevelt (family crest). The list of distinguished tattooed non-ladies/gentlemen is VERY long and includes presidents, kings, and queens.
  18. Andykev

    Andykev I'll Lock Up Bartender

    The Beautiful Diablo Valley
    She is class. First rate. Wonder what her name is.

    Wingnut, wow. Waz that pic taken in Colombia? Don't forget our aviation date prior to your leaving for the service.
  19. Quigley Brown

    Quigley Brown Call Me a Cab

    Des Moines, Iowa
    I work with a sophisticated British lady who lets off a few good rounds of naughty words and can tell a few good naughty jokes, but I don't mind...with her upper crust accent I quite enjoy it.
  20. android

    android One of the Regulars

    This gets down to the brass tacks. It's not that a lady or gentleman never tells a naughty joke or uses a bit of profanity (that would be a prude), but that they know exactly the appropriate and inappropriate times for any given behaviour or language.

    I feel the same about piercing and tattoos. They should be discreet. Piercings all over your face are by definition not discreet. But something subtle where it cannot be seen when modestly dressed can be nice.

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