Anybody join me for evening coffee?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by DeaconKC, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Where'd you think I got the idea? :D Sadly, it's too expensive to buy a Peppermint Mocha every day of the week!
  2. Subvet642

    Subvet642 A-List Customer

    As I started to drink coffee while in the Navy, I like mine a little bit "crunchy". That is why I like instant. In a 12 oz. mug I use 3 tsp. coffee, 3 tsp. sugar, fill 2/3 with hot water, the rest is half & half. All that and it's still smoother than "Boat" coffee. :coffee:
  3. Subvet642

    Subvet642 A-List Customer

    Do you know that if you ask them to put 8 shots of espresso in a cup, they'll practically make you sign a waiver? lol They'll at least try to talk you down to 4 or 6. [bad]
  4. randooch

    randooch I'll Lock Up

    Ukiah, California
    8 shots?! yikes, might be time to buy an espresso machine for home. it'd be paid for in 2 month's savings from not going to starbucks, and you could use organic coffee, thereby lessening your intake of carcinogenic sprays.
  5. ShoreRoadLady, thought you'd appreciate this ostensibly-"close" knockoff recipe--I'm only a "rarely" coffee-drinker, preferring my caffeine from hot-chocolate and warmed sodas, but I keep an eye out around recipe-sites.

    * 3 tablespoons powdered baking cocoa (author used Ghirardelli-sweet ground chocolate and cocoa powder)
    * 3 tablespoons warm water
    * 1 1/2 tablespoons peppermint syrup (do not use extract- you can buy a very large bottle of syrup at Starbucks for $7) or creme de menthe
    * 4 ounces espresso (see note below on how to make if you are unfamiliar)
    * 12 ounces steamed milk (I use Fat Free)
    * whipped cream
    * red sugar crystals

    1. Combine 3 Tbsp Baking Cocoa with 3 Tbsp warm water to make into a rich syrup. Pour into a 16 ounce mug.
    2. Add espresso
    3. Add Peppermint syrup.
    4. Steam milk and add to remainder of cup.
    5. Garnish with whipped cream and sugar crystals.
    6. Note: To make espresso (for 2 servings of this recipe) for those who do not know how, follow the directions below. Don't let the thought scare you it is almost as easy as making regular american coffee- it just takes a little practice:
    7. Buy a $30 machine (Mr. Coffee ECM250 is good).
    8. Put water into carafe up to band and put into machine.
    9. Put coffee (any kind of finely ground) into filter head and pack down well.
    10. Turn on and brew until carafe fills to 4 cup line that way there is still enough water in machine to steam milk.
    11. Switch to steam mode and steam milk (if you do not have a frothing pitcher a 12 oz ceramic mug will work filled half way with milk but takes 2 fill ups to make one serving of this recipe).
    12. Follow recipe and enjoy!


    Come to think of it, that does sound pretty good, except I'd need it with at least six shots... and if you check out, they've got a recipe for the perfect companion, the Starbucks Peppermint Brownie.
    Don't recall if it was free the week it rolled out, but it's 79 cents now*--trust me, this site and the cookbooks that launched it are really good for impressing people; it's like a multi-course meal, eating each course at a different restaurant, without all the driving, tipping and cost!)
    *SRL, if you're interested, PM me and I'll see if I've got it around my PDF'ed TSR collection.:)

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  6. Subvet642

    Subvet642 A-List Customer

    I haven't been to Starbucks in ages, the hospital put a coffee cart in my lobby, and I'm wicked lazy. The 8 shot caffeine bombs are for rough mornings. :eusa_doh:
  7. Diamondback, thanks for the recipe and links. :) Sounds yummy!

    Eight? I'm surprised they didn't ask to hold your driver's license! :p
  8. nola89

    nola89 Familiar Face

    New Orleans, LA
    cafe au lait with chicory.

  9. jac

    jac Familiar Face

    I like to get an assortment of 5 lb bags from a mail order purveyor, than grind them to powder in my trusty Braun.

    Years back I worked down the street from this 24 hour coffee merchant who you could order up Triple-BlackTiger/Chocolate-Raspberry Espresso Shakes served up with a complimentary handful of chocolate covered roasted beans.

    Sheer decadence- we kept that up to work into the wee hours until the thought of java-induced strokes backed us off.

    Another case of too much of a good thing, but boy were they delicious!

    Like most good things, the 24 hour option ceased. They may not even be around anymore. Starbucks just don't do it for me. Makes me think of McDonald's.

  10. univibe88

    univibe88 One Too Many

    Yeah you rite.
  11. Macheath

    Macheath One of the Regulars

    Chapel Hill, NC
    I'm a Macchiato man
  12. rkwilker

    rkwilker One Too Many

    Wake Forest, North Carolina
    Have a friend in Costa Rica that sent me some coffee recently. Very good coffee. Also my sister in law is in Rwanda and sent me some of their coffee for Christmas(Rwandan Blue Mountain). Good coffee and very strong but ground very fine. I do enjoy a good cup of, no additives.
  13. French

    French Familiar Face

    evening coffee

    I almost exclusively drink decaf, so my after dinner coffee, when I have one, is usually a decaf espresso, made with whatever single origin bean I've most recently roasted. Right now, I'm drinking a colombian, roasted to a Full City roast (for the true coffee geeks among us), however, my favorite for after dinner is the Sweet Maria's Komodo Blend, which hasn't been available for some time.

  14. Caity Lynn

    Caity Lynn Practically Family

    I'm a tea gal, but when I need something to steady my nerves it's a cup of good 'ol folgers straight black. If I'm drinking coffee, just to drink it, it's so sicky sweet with sugar and milk I can barely stand it. :rolleyes: lol, so I pretty much drink my tea with milk and sugar and my coffee black.
  15. raiderrescuer

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    Salem Oregon
    By the afternoon I try to stay away from coffee so I can sleep at night but if it's a chilly cold evening I might have a cup of hot Russian Tea.

    When I was stationed in Homer Alaska we got our coffee from Ty Gates of Captain's Coffee Roasting Company, he would get his beans fresh from his brother-in-law in Guatemala (in the old fashioned burlap sacks to boot.) then roasted them right there in front of you.

    Best Sailor's Coffee I ever had.
  16. DeaconKC

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    Heber Springs, AR
    I've been pleasantly surprised by Kroger's House brand. Makes a very smooth cup of coffee. Priced better than right, too.
  17. JEEP

    JEEP Practically Family

    Horsens, Denmark
    Mmmmmmm..... Coffee. I love coffee!

    I usually drink organic Peter Larsen which I grind myself and brew in a vintage enamel coffeepot or in a modern french press. It is amazing how the two diffrent methods gets something entirely diffrent out of the same kind of beans.

    Here's a pic of my vintage setup:


    And here's playing a little with effects:


    I usually take my coffee with milk.


  18. DeaconKC

    DeaconKC One Too Many

    Heber Springs, AR
    Just back from a couple of days away with my wife. Nice to come home where I can make some decent fresh ground coffee.........
  19. Dave the Hick

    Dave the Hick New in Town

    Well, I could talk coffee all day, but since we're talking about evening coffee, make mine Irish. Or Tennessee, which is the same but with a healthy helpin' of Jack Daniels.
  20. Odalisque

    Odalisque A-List Customer

    San Diego Ca
    Don't mind if I do. :)
    Decaf since it's almost 10 o'clock.
    Sugar in the raw and some tiramisu coffee-mate.


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