Brand New Cockpit USA B-6

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by 7th_Armored, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. 7th_Armored

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    Hi all,

    I’m new to the forum but I’ve been lurking here and there for a few months now. I found the forum while googling how to paint a leather jacket and found that amazing thread. I wanted to create a tribute jacket I could wear around based on a WWII painted A2 in my collection. I posted it in the WWII section for those who are interested - it is a beautiful jacket!

    Anyways, as I said in my other thread I mentioned above I am a WW2 collector and found this brand new Cockpit USA B-6 during my WWII memorabilia hunting. I wanted to post it here and also possibly ask (if it is allowed) what is a fair price or ballpark to ask for a brand new jacket with tags. I wear a size 44/46 otherwise I would keep it for myself! I saw the retail price on their website $1,300 and I saw them on eBay for $1100. It is truly brand new with no flaws or damage.

    Anyways comments, suggestions, advice is appreciated!

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  2. MeachamLake

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    It's a much nicer looking jacket in real life than on the photos on their website! Lovely redskin colour.

    I don't know how much appeal it'll hold though, especially at any price over $1000. The problem with these is that they're priced too closely to a repro Eastman or custom Aero B6, and both of those get all of the finer details right. The Cockpit, for example, doesn't even have the correct back design, missing the central seam.

    Worth a shot listing it in the classifieds?
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    AIRCRAFTMECH New in Town

    It is a very nice jacket but I agree with Meachamlake. My first "B3" i ordered from San Diego Leather factory in about 98. I paid a mint for it and although the sheepskin is very soft and subtle, it shares virtually Zero resemblance to a repro B3 I could have had for $150 more.

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