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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by jitterbugdoll, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Fletch

    Fletch I'll Lock Up

    Fletch was my high school nickname. I got it after I landed a boxed set of Fletcher Henderson records, which I played so much I drove everyone nuts.

    I also get called Lucky Lindy because of my last name (as my dad did, and his dad before him). I answer to this, but grudgingly.
  2. Hi, Lucky Lindy!

  3. olive bleu

    olive bleu One Too Many

    Nova Scotia
    To name a few

    Cindy-Lou: Cindy-Lou-Hoo; Jules; loofah; loafie; loafpan;Loofah Sponge;:eek:
  4. BegintheBeguine

    BegintheBeguine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Rusty is on my weblog

    Started going to auto races at Watkins Glen as a child. Continued until an adult. Was often the only or one of the few gals there. Guys hollered out hey Red. To me, not my dad. So I guess it's a nickname.
  5. thebadmamajama

    thebadmamajama Practically Family

    Good ol' Midwest

    Ginger, Red, thebadmamajama (obviously), and the horrifyingly awesome "Dumplin' " from my fat baby days, and numerous plays on my crazy last name that I'll keep to me-self. :)
  6. VargasGirl

    VargasGirl One of the Regulars

    I've got a few...

    Let's see, when I was born I had to be placed in an incubator for a few days, and my dad said I looked like a frog all stretched out ready to be disected, so he calls me his "Little Froggy". Thanks Dad! My first name is pronounced Shan-dra, and I was also dubbed "Chan-da Panda". During my time with a volunteer fire department I was called Tink for the large Tinkerbell tattoo I have on my lower back. I was also called "Blaze" becuase my last name is Blazek, I had red hair at the time, and well, I was on a fire department. lol I also used to do Civil War reenacting, and one of the guys also did WWII events, and he would call me "Doll". I'm not sure if that's slightly derogatoy or not, but I liked it! Most of the time, I am just called Chan or Channy.
    Not my nicknames, but I always felt bad for my Aunt Alexis. Growing up and even now she has been called Sazie, Sexie Lexie, and Sex-less.
  7. Brooksie

    Brooksie One Too Many

    Portland, Oregon
    My Nick name ever since I was a baby has been "Goose", my brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, nephews and niece all call me "Goose"... nobody but familly calls me "Goose" it just never caught on with anybody else.

    I worked in an office in 2000 and my manager was from Luisiana and he called me "Little One" because I am small, When I went through truck driving school in Texas (in 2005) they all called me "Little One" or "Little Bit" and they told me that one of those names should be my Truckers Handle for the CB radio.
    Now a lady I work with (she is from the south) and she calls me "Little One" so I said to her that must be a Southern thing because only people from the south call me "Little One", she agreed.

    This year I dressed up as a 1920's Flapper for a Halloween party I went to and the people I was hanging out with told me I looked like "Cleopatra" and started to call me "Cleopatra"... mostly because of the dark brown bob I have and the dark eye make-up I was wearing at the time. I think I like being called "Cleopatra"!

  8. jazzzbaby

    jazzzbaby One of the Regulars

    Little Miss
  9. WildCelt

    WildCelt One of the Regulars

    My Imagination, South Carolina
    When I wrestled in high school, the shirt I wore on match days and for warming up had a celtic warrior w/ blue tattoos on his torso riding a rearing horse. in one hand he held his shield and spears and in the other a red-headed head. Above it was written Wild Celt. The team started calling me that (and b/c I listened to bagpipes before my matches), then the fans started calling me that, and eventually the school called me that. It also lasted through the Marine Corps. I have been the WildCelt ever since.
  10. binkmeisterRick

    binkmeisterRick A-List Customer

    The Island of Misfit Hats
    Sure, I'll play...;)

    I've had numerous nicknames over the years (including the obvious nonfavourites) based off my first name. My family often calls me Brick because we used to have fun by putting a "b" in front of any word that started with an "r." I had a teacher in art school who used to call me Shakespeare since I used to be involved in a Shakespearean Troupe in high school.

    But my most common nickname around many parts is the variant of my handle. I picked up "binky" (with a small "b") during early art school years as a joke. Initially, the idea was that I would change names every week so no one really knew who I was. binky stuck, so along with it over the years came spins off of that: bink, binkmeister, bink-o-rama, binksnort (a fav that a dear friend refers to me as), and the like. But most everyone knows me as bink.;)
  11. Girl Friday

    Girl Friday Practically Family

    Junius Heights, Dallas, Texas
    Marchella. Some people actually think that is my name. Nope it's just plain Marcie. But my favorite is my nephew Max, can't pronounce his "R's" so he calls me Maowsie.
  12. Barry

    Barry Practically Family


    Mr. B

    and an Australian girl called me Baz

  13. Steve

    Steve Practically Family

    Pensacola, FL
    Steven, Steve, stevieMac, (I got into rap a few years ago, just call it a vice,) Stevie, Mallet, and MalletKAT.
  14. Tommy Fedora

    Tommy Fedora One of the Regulars


    I worked as an assistant manager years ago in a company that had the am's moving frequently among to other offices. The manager could never remember the am's names so he called them all Jake. But with me, it stuck.
  15. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    City of the Angels
    Well Twitch was given to me back when I was a recon Marine. In our outfit we all had monikers that related to something about each of us. The Viking was a 6'4" 240 guy that looked like a viking. Smokey, The Bull, Kid, Turkey etc., were some.

    Twitch was given to me because my finger would "twitch" from nervous anticipation on the trigger guard when we were hunkered down in ambush mode waiting for Charlie.:)
  16. katiemakeup

    katiemakeup Practically Family

    My name is Katrina, but my nickname is Katie... for some odd reason everyone always ends up calling me katiecuster- one word- like, charliebrown.[huh]
  17. GOK

    GOK One Too Many

    Oh dear, this is a bit embarrassing; as a child, my Grandfather called me Princess **makes yukky screwed up face**. On reflection, I think that kind of nickname sounds ok if one happens to have a Brooklyn Grandfather, being very English however, didn't. So it just sounded a bit tacky. Bless him - he was lovely. :D

    My children (I say children but they are all grown up!) call me; Toots, Mamacita and Mumschky!

    My wonderful partner calls me Goddess or Divine One...even in public, which just makes me snigger! lol
    Oh and some of my friends call me Lola because by way of a sarcastic retort, I once said (in mock drag queen voice);

    "Oohh pass the lipgloss and call me Lola"

    So they did/do...a lot! And they sing Eartha Kitt songs to me! LOL!
  18. Avalon

    Avalon A-List Customer

    Long Island, NY
    GOK, your children's nicknames for you are so cute. lol I took to calling my mother "Marmy", like in Little Women, and "Mamagirl" like in William Saroyan's Mama I Love You.
  19. GOK

    GOK One Too Many

    Thank you Avalon - they are quite sweet I suppose! My partner and his sister, both in their thirties, still call their mother, Mummy. Bless! :D
  20. Rigby Reardon

    Rigby Reardon One of the Regulars

    Near the QM
    heeheehee...boy, I've missed you, Holly! :p

    Okay, fair is fair. When I was little, my parents called me Charlie...which is NOT my name. But my father and I had the same name, so to distinguish me - Charlie. They don't recall if it was for Charlie Brown or some cartoon character called something like Charlie Chalks from a vitamin commercial some time back... Even into high school, friends would call the house, ask for me, and hear my mother turn away from the phone and yell "CHARLIE!"...that usually took some explaining...

    But that was a long time ago. For some reason nicknames don't hang on me, never have.

    The only one that has jokingly stuck is...uh...(gulp)... Love Boat. Yeah, that Love Boat. We were out for Japanese one night w/ other couples, and somebody ELSE'S wife and I were the only ones wanting sushi that night (go figure). So we split this enormous 'boat' because it was perfect for us - she only wanted half the stuff, I wanted exactly the rest...the only problem was when our waiter brought it, he announced it's real name from the menu that we apparently had missed..."And for the happy couple, the LOVE BOAT!" ...uh-oh. To this day, that woman calls me Love Boat. In public. Ack! :p

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