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Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Bruce Wayne, May 23, 2016.

  1. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I have put together an album of pictures that I've taken while out hiking in & around Beverly Shores in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Most of these were taken along a closed section of Beverly Drive.

    I hope you all enjoy them. Any questions just ask.


  2. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    Awesome pics. My family vacations in Union Pier, just up the road from here in MI. Such a beautiful area and proof that there is beauty in the mid west!
  3. Fed in a Fedora

    Fed in a Fedora Practically Family

    Dixie, USA
    Thanks for sharing the images!

    I had a colorful history at this park. You see, the process of creating the park was begun during the Nixon administration. To ease the sting of this process in a few places with lots of houses/camps, people had their properties purchased but the park issued them a 25 year lease to continue enjoying their properties for a small annual fee. The agreed to not sell the use agreement and if they abandoned it, then the property went immediately to the US Park Service. After that 25 year use, they had agreed to vacate. Well, the time was up and some were not wanting to move. We got called in and told to vacate them. A lot of court action happened and then the final order came to clear out the first place. This case was particularly clear because the occupant had paid to use one of the original user's agreement and therefore had no valid claim.

    Still, it was not a pleasant task. It got done and the place was leveled as a first step to return it to a natural state. After seeing the first domino fall, the others started leaving under more dignified conditions. I have been thinking of going back to see how it looks since those days in 1995/96.

  4. Bugguy

    Bugguy A-List Customer

    Nashville, TN
    Some Chicago lore... if you lived north of North Avenue, families went to Bangs Lake. Southsiders went to the Indiana Dunes.

    Growing up in Chicago I practically lived there. We camped on weekends and hauled our coolers almost a mile down the beach. As an undergrad I spent days there studying the ecology behind the dunes. It was a mecca for endangered plant species. I'll scan in some pictures this weekend - at least those suitable for this audience.
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