Show Us Your Pedigree! The Heritage Thread.

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by scotrace, May 4, 2006.

  1. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim One Too Many

    Fort Collins, CO
    Chuckle along with me ala Francais:

    Aw haw haw haw......
  2. ... whereupon we started producing a line of ladies' corsets."

  3. decodoll

    decodoll Practically Family

    Saint Louis, MO
    The meat pies are from the English side. ;)

    And as to white chocolate being counted as chocolate...I should hope not!!!:eek:
  4. And let's not count milk chocolate either. Yeech! (Mysterygal's going to kill me for this.)
  5. PrettyBigGuy

    PrettyBigGuy A-List Customer

    Elgin, IL
    Pedigree: 100% Polish. Both sets of great-grandparents emigrated.
    One set of them came from region near the German border and that territory's ownership had been disputed over, so for a long time we thought that we were part German. My family has since decided that they were just in denial though. Sorry, Kat!:p
  6. BellyTank

    BellyTank I'll Lock Up

    I know, I'm a long-time/some-time Londoner.
    Pies are bigtime hand-cuisine in New Zealand (my birthplace)too.
    Pies- yum!

    Double Yeech and to quote Snoopy; Ptui!

  7. Darn. You got me. :p I don't look bad for my age either. :D


  8. No but I am a member of PETA:
    People Eating Tasty Animals. :p


  9. JustJen

    JustJen Familiar Face

    Fort Worth, TX
    - My mom's Mexican (my grandfather came to the U.S. when he was 3).

    - My maternal grandmother is Scotch/Irish (apparently they were here during the Revolutionary War) and German.

    - My paternal grandfather is Swedish by adoption. Their (my maiden) name was Sjostrom. It was changed when they came into Ellis Island to Seastrum. We're pretty sure he was born of Danish parents.

    Interesting fact: My dad claims that my grandfather's uncle is of silent movie fame. The "uncle" is Victor Lawrence Sjostrom. My grandfather was supposedly named after him as Lawrence Victor. I only found this out at age 16 when I was looking through an old MGM movie book and saw our name in it. I've tried to research it but looks like there's not much info on the web.

    - My husband is 100% German on both his mom and dad's side. All farmers as far back as they know and still are up in Iowa.

    So I'm pretty much a mutt mixture.
  10. Magus

    Magus Practically Family

    Southern California
    I am Irish and English from my mother's side. Grandfather Mellon (blacklisted line of THE Mellon we didn't get the $$$$$$$$$$$$....) Bellamy From Grandmother (There is a "Bellamy Key" is the Caribbean where the crew mutinied and hung the Pirate Captain Bellamy for being too much of a hard case)

    My Father's side is Irish as well and came over with the Normans with William the Bastard (before the battle) / William the Conqueror (after the Battle). Then to America in the 1700's

    Mostly Irish then.
  11. I've seen your grandfather's uncle's silent film, THE WIND. It is a masterpiece.

    You must see this film!
  12. KAT

    KAT A-List Customer


    well one more or less cooler person here doesnt matter :p

    just kidding!!!;)
  13. Tony in Tarzana

    Tony in Tarzana My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Baldwin Park California USA
    Mom was born in the last years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, her maiden name was from Slovakia, near as I can figure. Dad was born in England, Scots-Irish extraction.

    Me, I'm an American. Tried to learn German and took three years of French in high school, but I guess I don't have an ear for it, so all I speak is English, capische?
  14. Steve

    Steve Practically Family

    Pensacola, FL
    On my father's side, we're British, going back to to 1773-4 during the pre-war unrest in the colonies. My grandfather traced our ancestry to a Captain Benjamin Merrel, who was hung, drawn and quartered, beheaded, and his bowels burned for allowing patriots to escape through his land after a skirmish with the British.

    On my mother's side, we're a mixture of Scotch-Irish, German, and several other European countries. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was Andrew Jackson.
  15. Holy :eek: !!!
  16. Lincsong

    Lincsong I'll Lock Up

    Shining City on a hill
    So that's what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.:eusa_doh:
  17. Benny Holiday

    Benny Holiday My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sydney Australia
    I don't know much about my mother's side apart from them being of English descent, but my Dad's side has a wealth of history to it.

    My paternal grandfather emigrated from Halifax in West Yorkshire to Australia via New Zealand, where Dad was born in 1925. He settled here when Dad was about 3 years old. My Grandfather always told my Dad that the family had a knight in its history somewhere. My research into the family (my surname is Pudsey) has yielded some interesting details.

    The Domesday book of 1086 mentions a town called Podeschesaie in the Anglo Saxon language. When the Normans conquered Angleland, they took the names of the towns they captured. So my oldest ancestor Gallicised Podeschesaie to take the name Pagan de Pudsey, or in the English, of Podesay. So my apparent makeup is a mixture of Viking-French (Norman) and Anglo-Saxon owven together through the last 940 years.

    I've got a few characters listed in the family history, but I still reckon Steve's Captain Merrel rates the most incredible family record!
  18. Folks had a higher pain threshold in those days. (They had to!)

  19. Mr_Misanthropy

    Mr_Misanthropy Practically Family

    Chicago, Illinois
    I'm a Mutt

    My maternal grandmother's side is Scottish and/or Irish, the name being Kendrick.

    My maternal grandfather was the son of immigrants from Sweden and Norway, named Carlson.

    My paternal grandmother's family is almost entirely Cherokee Indian.

    My paternal grandfather's family is French, but we don't know many details, there were Huguenots somewhere.
  20. Katt in Hat

    Katt in Hat A-List Customer

    The Gold Coast of Florida
    We've been everywhere, Man...We've been everywhere...

    God's promise to bless the whole world through Abraham's descendants. Furthermore, the Covenant established with Israel through the promise made to Abraham (22:15 - 18). :rolleyes:

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