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What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?


Call Me a Cab
Left of Philadelphia
VS Camel dress weight from Art.
Boston area
Cold this morning with sun, now early afternoon, gray, wind, cold and bad weather coming.
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We are in winter and so I took a hat suitable for the season from the wardrobe.
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It was a Tyrolean made in Italy, probably from Barbisio or Cervo.
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The honey-colored velour felt is gorgeous and then it underwent a transformation in the hands of Fleur, becoming what you see.
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This is one of the hats I love for this time of year
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Thanks for your compliments and likes

Lovely color to brighten up the season, Daniele.
Also to brighten up everyone’s day is the story of your friend, the dentist in Biella, who presented a prosthetic arm to the vaccine nurse. Despite getting caught, he gets top marks for creativity!!


I'll Lock Up

Knox Twenty - Grey
5 inch crown as shaped
2 1/4 inch brim with Custom Edge
2 1/8 black grosgrain ribbon

Here is the travel partner of yesterday’s Panama. While the Muse’s Panama was definitely the show stopper.. The Knox Twenty is still certainly no slouch. Now I never before had a hat arrive covered in rain protection… I was quite surprised that underneath this was still on of the dustiest hats I’ve encountered. Not visually dirty.. but man did I brush a pile of dirt out of this thing which did help to awaken the felt a bit. Now certainly not all Knox Twenty are made the same and my brown early 50s twenty is one of my most robust hats. I would guess this one to be more mid to late 1950s as dimension wise this is a slightly less substantial hat. The brim comes in at 2 1/4 instead of 2 1/2 and the crown seems a tad smaller. Interestingly while the crown currently sits at just under 5 inches as shaped. The manufacturing tag indicates 4 1/8…. So I am guessing it used to sport a much deeper center dent. It does still have the Knox logo wind trolley though for whatever reason this one seems to be for show as the entire string is not attached and is just looped around for show. I’m not sure if that is original or if a previous owner just cut it off and tied it that way. Either way it is no deal breaker for me as I have yet to actually use any of my wind trolleys and as such are always just for show for me. Proportion wise these dimensions actually work quite well for me and make a very comfortable and wearable hat. While my older brown Knox Twenty is quite the specimen… this grey Knox Twenty is really quite the daily wear kind of hat for me. Thank you goes out to @BobHufford for alerting me to both the great hats from the last two day.

Snow has come to stay in Scandinavia...only the JHS velours can help fighting the winter blues ;)

Another "Prima" "Alpha" velour, black of course View attachment 384435Though similar, very different compared to my other "Prima". Similar thickness, density and finish but softer crown and deeper brim flanging (nearly flat brim on the back-bow one) allowing for an upbrim lookView attachment 384436Probably lower quality leather (less texture and thinner) sweatband but considerably softer View attachment 384437
Who said one (or a dozen) black velour(s) is enough? ;)View attachment 384438
Enjoy the mild temperatures and the sun those that you still can...View attachment 384439 View attachment 384440
Fantastic, Panos. Great hat and lovely pics.

Very nice, Bob.

That's a winner!


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Philadelphia PA
The brim-up seems to fit this hat. Very nice, Brent.

Perfect outfit, Steve. Hat, coat and scarf.

You mean the playboy that's a hat, don't you?:)

Very nice, Reggie. I really like that jacket.

Good yo see you, Justin. Glad you got that time-machine up and running again. Magnificent!
Thank You, Stefan!
Pretty sweet VS, St. Ignatz. Classic creation by Art. Nice leather jacket too!


Practically Family
Enschede, Netherlands

Daniele Tanto

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Verona - Italia
Lovely color to brighten up the season, Daniele.
Also to brighten up everyone’s day is the story of your friend, the dentist in Biella, who presented a prosthetic arm to the vaccine nurse. Despite getting caught, he gets top marks for creativity!!
Let's say that this time the word creativity rhymes with stupidity:rolleyes:
Good day Charlie and beware of too creative Italianso_O