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Central California
I found one that shows the top:

I’m not familiar with the hat. If you can’t one from a current maker, I suggest you custom order one. You can send the hatter a photo of the hat and it should be a simple thing for them to duplicate it. If you’re alright with rabbit or hare felt, I can recommend Agnoulita (available on Etsy) for less than $200. You can get the color, crown, binging, ribbon, etc. exactly as you want it. Send Agnoulita a message and attach a photo. Other makers can also do it, but doubtful they can do it for less.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

It's a Vaquero type hat, sometimes referred to as a Californio style. Very common in western riding circles with Spanish roots, especially in areas of California. It's evident by the flat, likely telescoped crown, flat brim in the front with a slight curl to the back of the brim. The entire riding "rig", from the reata to the silver on the headstall and breast collar speaks to this, along with the riders dress. The leather headband is likely custom made and doubtful it came off the shelf. If you're familiar with horse trainers, Buck Branaman and his daughter Reata wear this style. Sunbody hats has a line bearing her name.

Hat and Rehat

Call Me a Cab
Hi everyone. I have acquired a few hats now, as well as a couple of cowboy hats that I am going to attempt to convert and some that need some work. I'm having trouble finding compiled info on hat care, cleaning, supplies, and tutorials on steaming and re-shaping etc. without scouring through a lot of different threads. Looking to get a decent hat brush and some other tools as well.

Can anybody lead me to information or threads on this stuff?
The hatter's bible is probably Henry Ermatinger's Scientific Hat Finishing and Refurbishing. It is the best single source out there.
I have a hard copy book, but also just paid $6 for a CD eBay.

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Ontario, Canada
Hi all, long time no see. I still love my brimmed hats and wear one every day. 30 + fedoras hanging in my office. I sort of maxed out a few years ago so I pulled back on any new purchases. 6 Campdraft in 4 different colours as an example.

Well after all these years it is time to “refresh” a few Akubras.

I was planning to order a new BG Campdraft and a new sand Traveller. I have also looked at the Leisure Time from Akubra. I have 2 Banjos and they would be very similar. The LT is offered in navy. I think I have read here years back that navy is a very impractical colour. Shades of brown, grey, green, white, black, are all typical and that is probably for good reason.

Any thoughts on navy blue? My search here returned very few results.

,,,Mike in Canada
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I saw this picture on-line and have done many searches but can't find anything like it. I thought that a group of experts might be able to point me in the right direction to find a hat like this. :) Can someone let me know what type of hat is it? It's not quite a cowboy hat and not quite a bolero. The leather hat band is awesome too. It's a beautiful look in my opinion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

My guess is the hat was made by 'Montana Rio Buckaroo hats' & the leather hat band is a custom job.


I'll Lock Up
Central Texas
I've seen a number of pristine vintage 50's/60's Strats here and elsewhere at the $200 mark or less. (The one's on eBay for $350+ are way over priced in my opinion). If 50 years old means a 70's model, my pocketbook says around $125 unless there is something truly unique about the hat.

Quick question: What is a 50 yr old pristine Stratoliner worth?
a couple of hundred? more?
I know, it's worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay. But generally...?

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